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JANUARY 4, 2012 6:24PM

Who cares who Cranky McCain endorses

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Regardless of what you think of that particular old crank clinging desperately to his senate seat, I roll my eyes every time I see a "news story" about some politician endorsing.

Who the hell cares? Who is going to let someone tell them who to vote for in a presidential election?

It's refreshing to hear many pundits now scoffing at the idea that Michelle Bachmann can direct her supporters to Romney or Santorum, or that Perry or Gingrich can once they bow out.

Sometimes, on more cheerful days, it makes me smile, though. Because
the nuttiness of the mere idea of it contrasts so starkly with the reality of why it happens. It used to work.

Not long ago, when my parents were young, and perhaps even middle-aged, large chunks of the population used to do as they were told. It seems like a distant universe, or a different race of humans, but it was not long ago or far away.

We have come a long damn way.

Kinda nice.

But I'm curious how long this relic will hang around. A few more election cycles for sure. But twelve years from now, or twenty, will it be gone completely and kids will start to ask "Endorse her? What does that mean?"

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I think it's because the media gives them a blurb. And people think bloggers are seeking attention!
I like the point this raises..It goes to a larger trend in the change of thought with universal information sharing. We have so-called common folk talking to the formerly untouchable famous people on Twitter and Facebook. This has never happened.

The endorsement becomes a relic in this context, and this particular context (social media and social access) occupies a greater and greater percentage of our daily distractions. Good one Dave.
gary, i guess social media may have made these endorsements even less relevant, but the trend has been going on for decades and i don't really think it's due to that.