MARCH 25, 2012 5:56PM

The atheist who ran for governor of South Carolina

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An atheist running for governor of South Carolina: the audacity of hopelessness?

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The people who make up this community, here on Open Salon, offer their own writing to the community and spend time reading and commenting on the writing of others.

Do you consider it ethical to come here, merely to post links to book reviews intended to encourage people to buy books, and to make no contribution of your own thoughts to the community gestalt?

I've been an atheist very nearly twice the length of time that you've been alive, I'd guess (from your photo), so I'm not some religionist just trying to give you a hard time. I'd really like to see your ideas and thoughts shared with us.

And OS is not really the proper place to try to sell anything not the creation of an OS member - including books. We usually call that spam.