Dave Rickert

Dave Rickert
Tucson, Arizona,
May 19
Its in the glove compartment
Yes. I always enjoy it.
I have always tended to take the road less traveled. Sometimes I get lost; sometimes the road is under construction; and sometimes the road leads nowhere or everywhere. Regardless of my choices, I always learn, and never regret the journey.


OCTOBER 16, 2010 9:55AM

PP Awards - 10/16/10

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PP Small
 We have a rich and full list this week.  Enjoy, and remember to put (Poetry) after the title in your post, and send me any poems I may have missed.
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DAVE!!! So many thanks! You amaze me with your talent and organizational skills! ...and again, your generosity. xo R Will try to catch as many as I can here!
Wonderful, again. Off to read the ones I missed. Thank you
OMG I almost choked on my cereal Dave.. me a poet??
Thank you.. I loved doing that piece I really did.
Rated with hugs
I have no doubt that your doing this spurs poets on thank you. r.
Thank you Dave for doing all this. I am starting to think I would like to see this in a book format, A year in Poetry from Open Salon. Maybe you could compile this in a book form and sell it. I like the idea of flipping the pages and seeing the writing without electronic back and forth. Maybe even organized in some way by theme or something. Wouldn't that be cool? You have done so much with this and inspired so much, I just wonder if that is possible to put something in print.???Don't know. Anyway, thanks for doing this. R
Thanks, Dave. Wish there were a way I could rate each and every poet's poem individually.
In poetry, it seems,
My audience exists in dreams
Where verse and rhyme glitters, gleams
While this poet groans or screams.

For though stuff flies from my head
It never seems to get read.
Perhaps I'm really not well bred.
Sometimes I snore while in bed.

Poetry's a sometimes calling.
Anonymity is galling.
Leading to alcohaling
Or maybe just a bit of bawling.

My verse, I'd say, could be worse
Since happenstance proves perverse.
thank you for organizing this and giving them a wider audience
Thank you for including me here. It's very generous of you to make these posts.
Thanks, Dave, for the wonderful recognition. I can't wait to read your picks again this week. OS has such a wealth of gifted poets. We appreciate YOU!
Thanks for this continued service. I really enjoyed Leon's tattoo poem. R
Poetry seems harder to find on OS of late, I am happy to have these links to connect me. The poems are as beautiful as ever.
Thanks for giving us a lift.
rated with love
This is a rich offering. Thanks for your continued support of the poet community here!
Thanks for doing this when you are so busy.r
What SheilaTGTG55 said. You are amazing and inspirational, Dave. Thank you ! ~RAted.
Thanks, Dave. You're a tireless anthologist and guide. Hope you take time out to eat.
Dave-Thanks for this. You are the best. XO
Dave, thanks so much for this! R
You are the man for contributing to the excellence of this forum by promoting hard work, creativity and participation.

Well done!
What would we do without you, Dave! You are a generous and kind soul. Thanks for all you do.
Wow impressive and so poetic.Will be checking these out.
Thanks, again! You sure do read, don't you?
Thank you Dave, for inclusion and your time...