Dave Rickert

Dave Rickert
Tucson, Arizona,
May 19
Its in the glove compartment
Yes. I always enjoy it.
I have always tended to take the road less traveled. Sometimes I get lost; sometimes the road is under construction; and sometimes the road leads nowhere or everywhere. Regardless of my choices, I always learn, and never regret the journey.


OCTOBER 31, 2010 11:56AM

PP Awards - 10/30/10

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As usual, you go out of you way to put poetry front and center. Thanks, Dave~!
I read a lot of these this week, but wanted to say hi to you and thanks for keeping the fires burning. :)
dave r ... thanx for sharing these with us ... now i will have to go back
in my "spare-time" (i'm employed now) to read and experience the poems from our writer/poets ... {Banshee Moon & Mighty Oak }
were my favorites this month, but i probably missed half of these ...
Good work Dave.
Rated with hugs
Thanks so much! In the course of our busy lives, this is an opportunity to take time to smell(read) the roses! R
You are a hero - in the romantic and poetic sense. Thanks so much for doing this.
Hey, don't forget that you're supposed to write poetry, too!
Dave Thanks so much for considering mine a poem. R.
Thanks Dave! I've been battling a nasty upper respiratory bug this week and getting grades done for the first quarter report cards. I caught a few of these on the fly but thanks to you it is easier to track some of my faves! You provide such a wonderful service via this post each week.Happy Halloween and many thanks per usual! rated for your continued selfless attitude and loyalty to other writers!
thanks for doing this, dave, week after week, so the lazy me can come here and not have to hunt all over for the good stuff. ;
Thanks Dave, hope you were trick or treating with someone special and that is the only reason this was late....hahahaha!
Thanks, Dave. Lots of Halloween poems to enjoy this week. Spooky & fun. I appreciate making the list again. Means a lot! You're the best. Rated.
How do you keep track of all, Dave? Thank you a a thousand fold.
I remain frustrated that poets still are not honored on the cover, and encouraged by your persistence, as well as that of the many fine poets on OS. Thanks, Dave!
Some good choices!! Rated!! With all my paws!! :)
Your generosity and kindness is amazing. Thank you.
Thanks for always doing this. rated
Thanks, Dave. A PP Award means a lot to me.
Thanks the mention and the time you put into this each week Dave..
Excellent. Thank you for this.
I love my PP's they are the highlight of my week.
rated with love
Dave Dave Dave Dave Dave. Just nice to write and say the name of my Poetry Hero.