Dave Rickert

Dave Rickert
Tucson, Arizona,
May 19
Its in the glove compartment
Yes. I always enjoy it.
I have always tended to take the road less traveled. Sometimes I get lost; sometimes the road is under construction; and sometimes the road leads nowhere or everywhere. Regardless of my choices, I always learn, and never regret the journey.


DECEMBER 18, 2010 9:42AM

Poetry Picks 12/18/10

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 “Painting is poetry that is seen rather than felt, and poetry is painting that is felt rather than seen”   ~Leonardo da Vinci


 Earlier this month I made an Open Call for poets to participate in another Renga.  Thirteen poets answered the call and we are now on verse 38.  If you want to see our progress, there is a link below.
It has been a big week for poetry and cartoons.  We saw the debut of Linda Seccaspina's poetry career, and a poem written for Linda.  She is fortunate to be loved by so many.  There are also several other poets that have not been featured before.  I think you will enjoy this week's picks.  Coming next --- the Christmas edition of the PPs.   
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Another Good Week, Dave!
Thanks, Dave.

Did you know Leonardo da Vinci hated music? Repetitions bored him.
I tip my hat to you for doing these Dave.
Poetry is the food of gods.....
What a marvelous contribution you are making!
Thank you for this service!! Looking forward to the Christmas edition.
Continued thanks to you and the poetry writers who give us so much to love on OS.
rated with love
LOL Dave- you made me giggle.. The debut and maybe the end except for my word slams with Art..:)..
Who knows.. But you are so sweet and the poets here are the sweetest people in the world.. BIG TIME.
They are like golden tributaries in a river of precious liquid.
I do love promoting all of you though.. Love it - as I love reading the words you so wonderfully put together.
rated with hugs
Thanks, Dave. I enjoy poetry and look forward to more.
This is one of those "WOW" posts. My mind cannot wrap around the industry involved. For all those poets on your list, I thank you for your caring.
Can, wait to dive in and read them all. My favorite post of the week.

Thanks, Dave!
Sweet list, I really need to catch up on my reading!

thanks, dave. yet again, i found some on your list that i had missed. and am now glad i didn't.
Dave - I'm a little late to the party, but no less grateful. Thanks a million for what you're doing.
Terrific! I am SO eager to catch up!!! ;}
Merry Christmas Dave - I hope there's peace and love, and maybe another great poem for us to put in our stockings, Santa !
And this is why Poetry is my first Day of OS Christmas!
With love and much thanks for all that you do, Dave.