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May 19
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JANUARY 5, 2011 2:35PM

Poetry: The Entire List of OS Readers Favorite Poems of 2010

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I wanted to post the entire reader-submitted list of poems for the "Favorites List" of 2010 because I think it is an honor just to be submitted for the list.   In my view, it is like the Olympics.  You don't have to necessarily win; it is an honor just to be a participant.  That is particularly true when your work has been submitted by your peers.  I think it is appropriate to acknowledge all those poets who were submitted. Congratulations to all.
There are so many great poems on this list, and I can't tell you how hard it was to choose 25 of these to feature on my post.  The quality of poetry on OS has reached a new level, and I hope it continues to be recognized.  I wanted to select them all, but I couldn't.  I hope you understand.
I checked all of the links, and nearly went batty, so if some of the links do not work, I apologize.
Enjoy your fellow poets work.  They are to be applauded.
Art James - December 4th - R.I.P. Uncle Dan
 * Selected for the List of 25 representative poems

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What a great list. Really.
What a lot of work this must be.
Thank you! I can't imagine the time it takes to give these gifts to all of us here on OS.
For those of us who love poetry, thanks for all you do.
A great list of great poets. Next year I'm going to be in there Dave. I got a lot of work to do, but I'm a lot better now than when I started. Great Job as usual!
good list, but I'm crushed.
Oh my goodness. You deserve $money$ for doing this. Thanks!!!
I can shout a big Thanks here for this Dave.
Poetry has came out of the darkness here and into the light of many eyes from your hard work making all these lists.
My hat's off to you here and I appreciate this.
The best poetry party I've ever virtually attended! THANKS ONCE AGAIN DAVE!
What an Adventureland of language. Of course, this whole OS site is like that, but an index of poetry this size is the motherlode. I will spent a lot of time on this.

Simply reading and commenting on each would produce a body of work almost the size of Divorce Bard's, but hey. that's what it's there for, right?

Thanks, Dave!
When I saw Placebostudman's name i got all misty eyed.
how we miss him.
rated with hugs
Nice list. Thanks for posting these, Dave.
This was a fabulous response Dave and a mammoth effort on your part. Thank you!
Wow! What an incredible compilation of great poetry. Thank you for putting this list out to give us some idea of the variety and talent that is present on OS. I bet you did about go batty trying to coordinate all the links. You need some R&R after the week you've put in. Thanks again for all the work you have done. Hats off to you! R.
Again, Dave, you deserve HUGE congratulations.

And a rest! (Notice how many of your poems were recommended, too.)
Your tirelessness on behalf of poetry and poets staggers my imagination, Dave - thanks!
This is a tremendous amount of work that you have done, David. You really are amazing--and it is wonderful to see such a great list with all of the talented OS poets. Thank you again and again.
whoa- now there is a lot of good reading :D Thanks for this list!
I just found the one by Zyskandar Jaimot. Thank you so much Dave. He was one of my favorites.
thank you!
a great list, and many still to read, wonderful!
WOW! You really work so very hard at this Dave - thank you for all your tireless effort.
Dave, I'm not much of a poetry reader, but I want to salute you for your yeoman work on behalf of the poets on OS, and congratulate you for final getting poetry some recognition on the front page. It was long overdue.
Another nice surprise, and again with thanks. Also to all those who took the time to submit poems, with thanks.
A huge amount of work, Dave. Thank you so much for doing it.
Holy cow! That's one impressive list!!! You are a true poet, Dave.

Thanks so much for your selfless act,
For your tireless work daily,
To see that Salon will react.

To bring to all of us
The works of so many.
More than we can count, really,
To consume, digest; to enjoy
As a matter of fact.

After days, weeks and months
We do write and read to impart,
That which is ready
to express from one heart.

As OS is one body,
Of poetry in motion.
Never doubt what we do here
Could fill the depths of the ocean.

A sea of dreams, thoughts and notions
That spring forth as we write;
And all is well and good
As we greet this fine night.

To merely say thank you just seems so slight
When best we do show you what is perfectly right.
Which is to say,
Far beyond this day,
To keep the flow of our words
Swimming all through the night.

the things one misses while absent.

thanks and apologies for being tardy. i've read many of the writers on the list and look forward to exploring the works of the others.
thanks for doing this, dave. it is an honor to see my name here, and it's wonderful to have this one stop shop i can keep coming back to.
What a great list, very proud to be on it! Thank you very much for all your work!
I am a day late here Dave but I am bowing to your effort and dedication here!
I just wanted to say thank you again dear friend for doing all that you do!!!

Truely a great list!!!

poetry finally got recognized on the front cover!! Woooo!!
Oodles of kudos to you, Dave.

I wish to note I was surprised to find Token Tarheel missing from your list. Then I went looking for him, and he seems to be missing from OS. If he has left us I must say he will be missed. I much appreciated his irreverent wit and exquisite poetry.