Dave Rickert

Dave Rickert
Tucson, Arizona,
May 19
Its in the glove compartment
Yes. I always enjoy it.
I have always tended to take the road less traveled. Sometimes I get lost; sometimes the road is under construction; and sometimes the road leads nowhere or everywhere. Regardless of my choices, I always learn, and never regret the journey.


JANUARY 15, 2011 9:46AM

PP Awards - 1/15/11

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 A poet must leave traces of his passage, not proof. 
LC Neal wrote a wonderful treatise on poetry that I have included in this PP collection.   Poets and non-poets have argued over "what is poetry" for millennia.  We will not answer it here, but I believe her writing captures the essence of poetry.   In my mind, we are all poets.  We have just kept the words in our head, and not re-arranged them on paper.
There were several poems written that related to the tragedy in Tucson.  I tried to include as many as I could find.  I think this week's events helped to put life in perspective and to appreciate how precious it actually is.  The number of poems dropped dramatically from last week, and I can only think that all of us are bummed out.
Various Forms 
  1.  Travelight32 - A Homeless Lush Life 
  2.  Surazeus - Building A Better World
  3.  Leslie Srajek - Labyrinth
  4.  Leslie Srajek - The Love Poem Part
  5.  Lady Miko - One Last Time
  6.  Leon Freilich - BEYOND SPIDER-MAN
  7.  Leon Freilich - The Tea Party
  8.  Leon Freilich - A Walking Tour of Hell
  9.  Leon Freilich - Cave Canem
  10.  Debby Van Enkenvoort - On Childhood Memories
  11.  Debby Van Enkenvoort - Fickle Fairy
  12.  Debby Van Enkenvoort - Small Greeting
  13.  Debby Van Enkenvoort - Shy
  14.  Debby Van Enkenvoort - Nautically Speaking
  15.  Just Cathy - 911- The Love is Dying
  16.  Rita Bourland - I Miss These Men
  17.  Rita Bourland - Just Let Me Laugh 'Til I Cry
  18.  The Songbird - Fulfilled
  19.  The Songbird - Found
  20.  J D Smith - Love And The Face Of Death
  21.  Linda Seccaspina - Inside the Secret Garden of Hate
  22.  rita shibr - Before I Saw Y0u 
  23.  M.Stan Yow - I Want To Say Something Beautiful
  24.  David Price - The Kiss
  25.  David Price - Tucson
  26.  Alice Bailey - Perfect Serenity
  27.  Art James - Secret Garden - Adagio - dadaasorin (replayed)
  28.  Patrick Frank - A Dream about Lack of Feedback and Mindfulness
  29.  Patrick Frank - Horses Grazing in the Field Lift My Spirit
  30.  scupper - First Snow, 2011
  31.  scupper - On Moving Home
  32.  Gary Justis - Three Elements (visual poem)
  33.  Blinddream - Gone
  34.  Blinddream - A Man's Lullaby
  35.  From the Midwest - The Wind
  36.  Patrick Frank - Keep on Driving
  37.  tg within - Cold is the Bullet
  38.  Marissa Mullins - Winter Breeze
  39.  Mission - 'My Generation'
  40.  cartouche - Enough Said
  41.  Lucy Simpson - Dream Pilgrim
  42.  Shawn Pavey - Because the Wind Chill is Six Below
  43.  Sartori1 - LOVING YOU IN MY MIND
  44.  Oryoki Bowl - Hope in the Desert
  45.  LC Neal - Poetry 
  46.  lschmoopie - Waiting
  47.  jali - "WATER"
  48. catch-22 - A Perfectly Reasonable Request (from a zombie) - etheree
  49.  Romantic Poetess - Senryu of Our Times
  50.  Romantic Poetess - Ode to Love A to Z


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And the poetry stream flows another day...week...foaming, frothing, spilling over into worlds unknown. Reservoirs of eternal pools that nourish our souls, hearts with words fed without end.
Your thoroughness is legendary.

Here's an addition to your top quote:

Poetry is the art of creating imaginary gardens with real toads in them. --Marianne Moore
I wondered where the hell those goddamned toads came from.
Thanks for putting this together, it is such a dedicated effort on your part.
Thank you Dave, I can always count on a good Saturday morning when I open my mail and see this from you! Your effort is most appreciated.
Dave you work so hard to do this..
rated with hugs
Thanks again as always Dave for the work you put in to make OS a better place!
Your amazing presence on OS makes my heart warm. The work you do for poets is endless and I suspect filled with love.
rated with love
So kind of you as always.r
Someone once told me I was a poet but don't know it....but I'n not, I just love to read it and have it stay in my heart
Thanks for your efforts. I know this takes a lot of time.
Thanks, Dave. Reading poetry is a renewable source of stimuli.
Wow! What a treasure chest! Thank you Dave.
Interesting note on the quantity of poetry during a tragic week. You pay attention, Dave!
love the opening quote. great work again, dave.
I not only love the poetry you've chosen, I love the titles the poets have chosen for their works - they draw me in with their carefully selected words. Another beautiful list of poetry to peruse. Thank you, thank you, Dave.
Whoops! I rated and then went off on some links to read! Back here now to say another heartfelt thank you Dave!
Once again, thank you for your hard work. It is nice to be able to find new poetry. A book of OS poetry on OS with shared costs might be a possibility with you as editor and contributor. //=o) R

But how come the ad for this post is about depression?? POETRY IS NOT DEPRESSION!! waaa!! ;)
Your dogged hard work, and the tender care with which you pursue it, is touching. Thank you so much for bringing us beautiful people and beautiful words every week.
Glad to see you are still doing this!
Wow your so on top of this...Bravo!
Thank you, Dave. Another week of leisure reading, but I wanted to point out that I particularly liked LC's treatise at the time she posted it. So nice to include it here.
Another round of beauty Dave - thank you. I just put in my Netflix cue the movie "Howl" about the life of poet Alan Ginsberg. Can't wait to see it! It made me think of you. ;)