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October 06
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NOVEMBER 6, 2012 12:30PM

A Pennsylvania Surprise?

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My last official campaign entry "Election 2012: What's the fundamental issue?" is still posted below. But it seems I must do one more.

You see... I'm worried about Pennsylvania.  Mitt Romney just campaigned there and many in the press wondered why? Why take time from crucial swing states like Florida, Virginia, Ohio and Colorado, to campaign in a state President Obama has apparently sewn up? There's a chilling hypothesis, related to my recent posting about potential fraud with e-voting machines.  (NEW: see how easy it is to hack the voting machines!)

So, in that context, why might Mitt go to Pennsylvania? To give fig leaf cover for a Big Surprise?

Consider. The real potential for fraud lies in states that use electronic voting machines without accompanying paper ballots that can be audited. These are mostly red states where stuff like this -- and gerrymandering -- is apparently just fine. Expect Mitt's popular vote tally to be boosted even higher than plausible in those states, in order to give him a plurality sheen.  Those states won't shift the Electoral College...

...but Virginia and Pennsylvania are two swing states that also have no-audit electronic voting! Moreover, they have people in the right places. Carol Aichele is Secretary of State in Pennsylvania, and also a member of the Republican State Committee. Janet Vestal Kelly, Secretary of Virginia, is a veteran partisan operative. And all the voting machine manufacturers have deep connections to right wing politics.

If there's a Pennsylvania surprise, remember you heard it here first.  Expect Supreme Court Madness! Ah, but if it happens, here are some things Ms. Aichele and Ms. Kelly may not expect --

-- for good billionaires to come out with huge whistle blower rewards. For some henchmen to die then, in mysterious plane and car crashes. Whereupon one will blab and the rest go to prison.

Aw heck... expect that I'm being paranoid and it'll all work out and we'll prove wise and good and live up to the investment that our ancestors devoted to us.

Be sure to vote.

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