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Keeping Up With The Insane McCain Campaign

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Two days ago I wrote a three-page piece entitled 'The McCain Campaign: 1,001 Ways to Lose an Election.'  It dealt with Palin's U.N. visit, the ludicrous media snubbing and my continued disbelief at the campaign's ability to turn what should've been a positive story (Palin meeting with world leaders) into a disaster (complete outrage from all the networks.)  Since my fellow OS bloggers couldn't seem to find anything to say concerning Sarah Palin (a measly 1167 results for an OS search on 'Palin'?... c'mon she was picked 28 days ago you slackers!), I figured it was a good time for me throw my two cents in with a cathartic rant.

But I decided not to post it; partly because it didn't offer enough insight, partly because it wasn't that funny, but mostly because I couldn't seem to keep up with the non-stop McCain screw-ups.  By the time I finished the piece and went back to review it the McCain campaign had already:

#1002 - Co-opted Obama's call for non-partisan action on the economic bailout, suspended the campaign, and attempted to slither out of Friday's debate.

#1003 - Snubbed David Letterman.  (Anyone else fallen in love with Dave's growing bitterness that's emerged over the past three to four years?)

Suddenly my piece on the Palin media blackout seemed like it had been written two months ago.  Truly incredible.  So mini-posts seem like the best way to stay on top of things for the foreseeable future, or at least until McCain gets back on his meds.

I caught Andrew Sullivan on 'Real Time with Bill Maher' last night.  Both he and Bill voiced their concerns over racism and a fear of the culture shift in America preventing people from voting for Obama.  Sullivan said he thought Obama would need a 5-7 point lead to overcome this reluctance and fear.  I had been feeling pretty good about Obama's chances given the wackiness of this past week, but a sinking feeling came over me and I again questioned my faith in the American voting public.

So I re-watched Obama's '08 convention speech.  It really is amazing when someone speaks to the best of you.  The fear-mongering ("If we don't fight them there they'll kill us over here, WMDs, Axis of Evil, our entire economy is in danger, etc.) from the Bush Administration seems all the more ridiculous and predatory in contrast.

Therefore I've decided to view Obama's election chances through my new Obama-tinged hope glasses and see the best in people: Americans will look past the color of Obama's skin, women will see right through Palin, people will demand that all four debates are held and hope will triumph over fear. 

Given the past eight years and last two presidential election results it's difficult to not pick up my Bush-tinged fear goggles and see the worst in people.  But I'm trying.

And speaking of seeing the best in people, let's close with some of the nicknames I've heard for Sarah Palin so far (finally, get to the funny!):

Caribou Barbie (courtesy of Stephanie Miller)


Bible Spice

...and from the Apollo Creed Category:

The Disasta from Alaska

The Godzilla from Wasilla 


I'm sure there are more out there so drop'em in the comments.

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Hey I'm no slacker. Every article but one that I've written is about Palin. !! On a serious note, I share your concerns about what Sullivan said. We have to be hopeful and...count on two things -- 1) (Pollsters aren't calling the cellphone crowd...and much of the youth and even minority voters in this country have only cellphones...2) the massive voter registration drive by the obama campaign. These are the unknowns that could sway this thing.
What about the VOIP (Voice Over Internet Phone) users? Can't Vonage or Skype poll their customers?
Thanks nsanders1957, you've kept me optimistic for the rest of the day.

Last week Nate Silver of estimated a 2.8-point bump for Obama due to the lack of cellphone polling. Here's hoping he's right.
A fellow OSer delivered my favorite Palin epithet:

"Buffy the Moose-Slayer"