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APRIL 11, 2011 11:58AM

HorrorFest Convention this weekend!

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Ok we are on the schedule for a room at 1:00 p.m. I don’t have the room location yet. Check back. If you want to touch base with me earlier meet me outside the Zombie Defense class-room at 10:30 a.m. I’ll be wearing a black t-shirt with Mile High Horrors logo on the back.

Horror Panels


   10:00amKreepy Kids Krafts – Join our talented StarFest artists as they present this kid friendly interactive hour of fun and crafts.11:00amZombie Defense Tactics – Come learn the basics of zombie defense through applied martial arts. We will focus on dealing with the issue of nasty brain eating zombies.1:00pmMile High Horror Meet Up – Join the group that’s all about horror.
Did you know there was a group in Denver that is all about horror and horror fans? Well Mile High Horror is that group. Come meet the group and learn about up-coming events and how to get involved.2:00pmTribute To Reggie McDaniel – A film critics panel
Reggie was a regular at Horrorfest and is sorely missed by all. Join some of his fellow film critics as we remember Reggie and talk horror films.3:00pmRe-Animate Me – The Horror Films of Jeffrey Combs
We’ll talk to Jeffrey Combs about his films in the horror genre including well known films like the “Re-Animator” series and lesser known gems you may not have seen.4:00pmCreating Haunted House Attractions – Speak with the creators of City Of The Dead, The 13th Door, Curse of Slaughterhouse Gulch, and The 25th Hour. Find out what goes into building these incredible haunts and
where the ideas come from.5:00pmIndie Directors And Actors – What’s New, What’s Now, What’s Next
Come meet the directors and producers who are behind the cutting edge indie films we see more and more of each year and talk to the actors who are bringing them to life. 6:00pmAuthor Readings- Meet the Horrorfest authors and hear them read favorite passages from their most recent works.  With Carrie
Vaughn, Mario Acevedo,
and Stephen Graham Jones.7:00pmMile High Horror Film Festival – Meet the people behind Denver’s only horror film festival, find out what’s in store for this year, and learn how you can
get involved.8:00pmThe Art of Horror – Our artist guests discuss art in the horror genre and what inspires them to create within that genre. With guests
artists Russell Dickerson, and Peri Charlifu.9:00pmThe Truth About Cheeseman Park – The Rocky Mountain Paranormal Research Society talks about the legends and stories about Denver’s Cheeseman Park and reveals the truth. They will also share their experiences with the latest bodies discovered there.10:00pmThe Lost Skeleton Returns
– presented by RMPRS

Saturday – Frighteningly Funny

  10:00amThe Simpsons - Treehouse of Horror Episodes11:30amYoung Frankenstein1:30pmHouse3:00pmSpider Baby4:30pmArmy of Darkness6:00pmShawn of the Dead8:00pmDrag Me To Hell10:00pmSuck


   10:00amJudy – Jeff Hayes10:30amSella Turcica – Toe Tag Pictures12:30amJesus Christ Vampire Slayer2:00pmI Sell The Dead3:30pmThirst6:00pmDead Girl8:00pmKiller Ink10:00pmMum & Dad

Horror Extras – Author Signings – Tea and snacks will be served


10:00amStephen Graham Jones11:00amCarrie Vaughn12:00pmMario Acevedo

April 11th, 2011

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