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February 05
What defines me? I'd love to write this really great adventure story, but alas, it be a work of fiction. I'm a mom of one, my son, now 15 (yes we're dealing with the teenage years) my furry children I have 4 cats, 2 dogs (1 is on loan from a sick family member) and 3 chickens. I try to do the best I can at whatever I do, keep out of trouble (which never seems to work) and get as much out of life as I possibly can in the short time I'm allotted. After all, " You only live twice" ;) Well, that's me


MARCH 12, 2009 10:21PM

One Person Can Start A Fire

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I hope this link works. It's very inspirational. I've seen over the last two years how one person can destroy so many things. They set into motion a chain in events like ripples on a pond that just go on and on and intersect with so many other things.


This man, he did such a great thing and so many others joined in so quickly to help each other through these tough times. I love this story. I just had to share.

I thought we could all use a lift.

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Yeah the link works. People helping people working together. This is a great message and hopefully through hard times we will become more human. Very nice. thanks ddc
Thanks, I thought it was beautiful and I hope more people get the chance to read it. It gives one a little hope that we can get through it if we all stick together.
Oh, this is fantastic! What an uplifting story! Thank you. :)
Good for him! By seeing the lower wage workers as individuals who performed important functions in the hospital, he reached out to everyone's better natures. The team spirit at this hospital and the camaraderie, not to mention employee loyalty are all going to rise, even if available money dries up. Thank you for posting this, thumbed.
the link works fine, and what a story! thanks for posting this, and thanks to merwoman for pointing me this direction.
Thanks to Merwoman for sending me here. That was a great story.
Thanks to Merwoman for pointing this out.
I think the American people are by and large very generous. If we could get the government to act like the people the world would be a better place.
I am awed by this. The story here is so important. One man who cared. I want to thank you so much for sharing this.
"...everybody's in the same boat and that their boat doesn't rise because someone else's sinks..."

What a concept, eh? Perhaps acting with compassion will start a fire.......

Kudos to ddcatwoman and merwoman, for fanning embers.

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I needed this today. Powerful. Inspiring. Thanks for sharing. Paws way up.
I forgot to say that my Mom was in the ICU for 18 days last April and the hospital for almost a month and it's true about the importance of the people who dump the trash and change the sheets and push the beds. They made a huge difference. One of my most deeply held beliefs is that every person matters. I treat the person who rings up my purchases, cuts my deli meat, bags my groceries, and others I meet in other minor daily encounters with the same respect I would accord to my doctor or family. Recommended this to Critical Mess with a nod to Merwoman for sharing with me.
Merwoman directed me here and I'm glad she did. There's nothing more simple and more inspiring than a person who doesn't overthink and make excuses...the right thing is simple...and he/she just does it. Lead by example. Great story. Thanks. Rated
I get so depressed sometimes when I read/watch the news because it all seems to be about bad things that are happening. I think if we read more of these types of stories--more news of people doing the right thing, pulling together to help each other--we'd all be inspired to be more active in our own efforts.

Thanks so much to you (and merwoman's email) for bringing this to our attention!
Cool idea. Thanks for posting.
Thanks for all your comments. I let DH read it yesterday and he got all teary eyed when he read it. I said I was glad it wasn't just me.
Thanks to Merwoman for pointing everyone in this direction, I was very happily surprised.
I'm glad it was able to be read by more people, I'm glad it made everyone feel as good as I did when I read it.
Nice to find somebody thinking with their head instead of their Mastercard.
For whatever reason, I have no link! There's just a big blank space in the middle of the post. If you'll let me know when the link is up, I promise to check it out. Thanks!
Great story ddcatwoman

I've been in health care for 27 years and a tribute to "the behind the scenes people" such as this is extremely rare in my industry, which is sadly, very sadly unfortunate. Unfortunately, the health care industry rarely recognizes the impact these people have upon patients.

In all the years I've been in health care, I'd never been a patient, until last month when I spent 2 weeks in the hospital seriously ill. Seeing health care from a different perspective was incredibly eye-opening for me.

Just as your story pointed out, the transporters, food service, housekeeping and even the laundry people, TO THE VERY LAST ONE, wore genuine smiles on their faces and their questions such as "how are you today" were so much more than the perfunctory questions asked by many others.

The hospital I was in had a service everyone referred as the "soup lady." Twice daily, a group of food service ladies would push around a cart of homemade soups. Not you average can of Campbells, but truly homemade and incredibly delicisou soups. It became the highlight of my day to see these ladies with their warm, honest smiles and their soup.

The healing power of a simple smile and wonderful attitude is far beyond value.
Thank you so much for the link. That was such a beautiful and heartwarming story. I am grateful to you for sending it!
Oh thank you for this ddcatwoman! I practically choked up at the part in the story when Levy did. It's a great idea, and even if at first people balk at the idea of giving up what little they may have, I truly think that this practical and kind solution will make all of the people at the hospital feel better, about everything! The economy, their job, themselves, the world! One of the known (proven) paths to happiness is to give to others, and these people will experience a kind of happiness they may have never known through worship or donations, or volunteering, just by this gesture. What a beautiful (and PRACTICAL) solution to the hideous, economy-destroying problem of joblessness in this country.
There ARE good people in the world, in our world, and we need to remember that when it's all Gloom and Doom, daily, from our alleged "sources", re: News, politics, economy, crime, budget, U.S. President, etc. etc.