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NOVEMBER 16, 2011 10:48AM


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When I was 15, I took the train into Manhattan to raise trouble with a few friends and attend the Pink Floyd Laser Light show at a planetarium. It was a Friday night. I cuffed a cigarette up my sleeve while I walked through Penn Station. I was a real smart ass back in those days. A Cop shorter than my height, and I wasn't tall, walked by me.

"Put that cigarette out," he barked.

I pretended to comply but then hid it back up my sleeve.

 "Put that cigarette out or I'm going to beat the sh@t out of you," he said with a lot more force, his hand now resting on his baton.

He looked like he was going to make me eat the thing. Unfortunately, most of the police I met in NYC are of a similar persuasion, especially late at night. I once heard a story from a friend who grew up in Brooklyn of being on a late night city bus, and there being 15 or 20 other raging teenagers from the projects making all manner of trouble onboard. The bus driver pulled over and let a Cop on, and he promptly banged his night stick.

"Settle down!" the Cop yelled.

The teenagers bumrushed him, literally chasing him off the bus and down the street, according to my friend. The bus driver, being rid of the rowdy teens, promptly drove away, leaving the Cop to fend for himself.

I have endless stories like this, firsthand, and then second, third, fourth, but I think you get the point. Things are different in NYC, and it's not at all an egalitarian society. So if OWS has done anything useful, it has brought some unpleasant things to light about how life is in New York City.

In their defense, the NYPD are extremely poorly paid, and must work around people making and spending millions of dollars for fun, and enjoying all manners of pleasure. Meanwhile, they get to deal with people who they view as disobedient and disrespectful, I always heard they have ticket quotas set by their bosses, and they are as a result rarely in a good mood.  

 Be advised  OWS protestors.


 Note: I went over my writing limit today by 14 minutes, so written in 29 minutes.

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