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MAY 24, 2010 7:44AM

OS Plumber's Survey

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I was listening to the radio the other day when I heard the DJ pose this question:  Are you a radiator or a drain?

We know the types even if we don't usually think about them in those terms.  Radiators are easy to spot.  They can be outgoing and charismatic or quiet and reassuring.  But whatever their style, being with them makes us feel good about life and ourselves.  They emanate a positive energy that spreads in waves around them.

Drains can be harder to identify.  Sometimes they present as friends.  Have you ever come away from a heart-to-heart with a friend and felt a bit down even though you couldn't ascertain exactly why?  Perhaps your friend pointed out what you only suspected.  For example, your boss is taking advantage of your good nature or your significant other is being neglectful but instead of being empowered to assert your legitimate point of view,  you feel like a sucker.  Someone whose outlook on life leaves you feeling that way is probably a drain.

So are you a radiator or a drain?  Are you someone who others want to be near?  Do they bask in your warmth, revive themselves in your presence?

Or do you draw away the energy of those around you?  Do you channel their strengths into a well of negativity?

I know I would like to say I am a radiator all the time but sometimes I see the glass as half full and I am no Pollyanna.  Like a lot of people I think I am a combination.

I suspect that whether radiator or drain predominates has to do with your own pipeworks, to carry on the metaphor.  If you feel good about yourself, it's a lot easier to radiate those positive vibes.  I'm going to work on that; bring on the plumber's helper.   

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I'm more of a hairclog in the drain. Or a busted radiator. It's too early for this...I need to sleep on it!
No way Bellwether, you are definitely a radiator!
You need to read "How full is your bucket" that has the premise that there are people who take water out of your bucket (drains) and those who put water in your bucket. Rated.
Thanks sheepdog, will do that.
If feeling good about yourself makes you a radiator, I must be a drain. But I don't feel like a drain. Maybe it's 50/50. At least I hope so!
Seer--all part of the ebb and flow.

Scanner--I would say better than50/50 and you couldn't be a drain.
Interesting idea. All I know is, I don't want to be a clogged toilet . . .
Too true Pilgrim. Things could get messy!
Fascinating perspective!
Oh, I am a giver of life, people love me so much I am beginning to worship myself. Cool post. R
Hi, Kit. Thanks for reading.

Thoth--with good reason I'm sure.