Deborah Ludwig

Deborah Ludwig
New York, New York,
May 07
Actor, activist, political junkie, & author of Rebirth: A Leukemia Survivor's Journal of Healing During Chemotherapy, Bone Marrow Transplant, and Recovery


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The reason many people give for not voting in presidential elections is that it doesn’t make a difference so they consider it a waste of time. They have a point. Why doesn’t their vote count? First, the Electoral College winner-take-system recognizes only those who voted with the majority in a st…

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JANUARY 28, 2013 9:59AM

Federal Budget Basics 101

With the fiscal cliff averted (for now) and another debt ceiling debacle—oops, I mean debate—inevitable, or perhaps not, as it appears that can may be kicked down the road until May, and deficit reduction still looming large on the Congressional agenda, I think it behooves Americans to understand…

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JANUARY 18, 2013 6:05PM

A Second Term, a Second Chance

Some Suggestions for President Obama’s Second Term

Congratulations to President Obama for being elected to a second term. I am a supporter and am pleased with many of the legislative successes he achieved during his first term: The Lilly Ledbetter Fair Pay Act, ending Don’t Ask, Don’t…

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JANUARY 10, 2013 3:37PM

The Digital Fabrication Revolution

"Digital fabrication will let people build custom home furniture, living organs out of cells, and drones that can fly out of a printer; science fiction is becoming industrial fact."
 ~ Neil Gershenfeld

The November/December 2012 Issue of Foreign Affairs magazine included an article by Neil Gershe/…

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JANUARY 7, 2013 12:15PM

History: Our Guide to a Better Future

“There is an underside to every age about which history does not speak, because history is written from records left by the privileged.†– Howard Zinn

Oliver Stones’ ten-part documentary, The Untold History of the United States, is one reason I’d consider subscribing to Showtime. History, it…

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DECEMBER 18, 2012 10:15AM

2012 Review and Reflections

At the end of each year, I take stock of all that I accomplished…and didn’t. After several years of moving forward in the acting realm, progress came to a screeching halt in April. The SAG-AFTRA merger in March actually led to less auditions, and I couldn’t get motivated to prepare for…

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The last segment in this series, addresses the biggest talking point from conservatives: The stimulus was a failure; it did not work. This is completely false. While the economy is still struggling and nowhere near where we want it to be in terms of jobs and the unemployment rate, most reputable… Read full post »
OCTOBER 30, 2012 11:28AM

Alone with Sandy

October 29 - Monday

I recall the summer of 2003 when the entire Northeast went dark due to a power grid failure. It was about 4:00 pm and shortly thereafter, my brother-in–law was on his way to pick me up. However, that plan was foiled because he was not allowed entry to… Read full post »
I do not believe that all our fiscal woes will be solved solely by soaking the rich and enacting very high tax increases on them, nor would it be good for the economy. However, some combination of spending cuts and revenue increases are necessary to repair our fragile fiscal house. That bei…

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Last night's Presidential debate was a spirited one, and President Obama got his game back. Democrats are feeling much more positive than after the October 3 debate, though I doubt it will change the trajectory of the race much in one direction or the other for either man. The President fought b…

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I give this one to Mitt Romney because in politics perception is crucial. Here are some of my thoughts about last night’s debate, and this is not a fact-checking post; plenty of that is already going on about statements and claims made by both men, as should be happening.

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The American public has been led to believe that President Obama is the most profligate spender of any of our former presidents. It may come as a surprise to know that he has actually spent less than most of his predecessors in the past four administrations, excluding President Clinton. Who …

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Have you seen the ads? I assume you have if you reside in Iowa, Ohio, Colorado, Florida, Virginia, or any other swing state. The airwaves in these states are inundated with campaign ads from both political parties. The ads to which I am referring are the ones misrepresen…

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Per my post dated September 14, over the next few weeks I will be examining the veracity of statements being made about President Obama and his policies by the Romney campaign, their surrogates, and GOP Super PACs and 501 (c)(4) organizations.

This post deals with the claim that President O… Read full post »

SEPTEMBER 17, 2012 10:43AM

Examining 5 GOP Talking Points - Part I

As the presidential election draws near, there is a lot of misinformation swirling around out there in the media and on the campaign trail. Mitt Romney's most recent verbal assault regarding President Obama's response to the U.S. embassy attacks in Libya and Egypt was false, shamelessly politica…

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AUGUST 30, 2012 10:32PM

Solo in Paris - The Joy of Planning

(Pictured right: Paris, la place de l'Etoile vue du ciel
© Guillaume Plisson Pro

Ever since I was a little girl I have been enamored with anything French because their language and culture embodied everything that in my imagination was exotic and romantic. I studied the French langua/…

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AUGUST 22, 2012 5:38PM


There has been a repeated cry from the left about a “war on women†for the past couple of years, and the past few days have shed a very bright light on the fact that this “war†is no fantasy. Throughout the country in GOP-led states, countless anti-abortion bills have passed and con…

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I recall sitting in my acting teacher’s office December of 2003, a week before I was diagnosed with leukemia, talking to him about how I needed to take time off from class to work and earn some money. He was pushing back on that notion and suggesting I ask my parents…

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A while back I was sitting in an upscale New York City bar with one of my girlfriends, catching up over a couple glasses of Chardonnay, and the conversation gradually turned to dating, men, and marriage.  I eventually remarked, "As much as I would enjoy finding a mate and getting married,… Read full post »

In 2004, while going through treatment for leukemia, I had to obtain health insurance from the individual market in the state of New Jersey. I had been on COBRA through Cigna for the past sixteen months, but that coverage was scheduled to end February 29. I was able to purchase an…

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Editor’s Pick
JUNE 24, 2012 2:04PM

Living with Cancer: Confronting the Challenge


I was a panelist at the OMG!2012 Cancer Summit for Young Adults in Las Vegas this past spring, but I haven't been a keynote speaker for quite some time at an event, where I have the opportunity to deliver my own message. I enjoy public speaking, especially to people who are hu… Read full post »

JUNE 13, 2012 7:35PM

Mitt’s Nose Continues to Grow

Mitt Romney has a penchant for telling lies, and I’m not going to sugar coat it with euphemisms such as “misleading†or “he misspoke.†Furthermore, when he is called out for these lies, he fails to issue a correction. He appears to have no shame regarding this deception, which reveals…

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JUNE 6, 2012 7:55PM

Money and Politics

This is the chart of the day, and it demonstrates why the Citizens United Supreme Court ruling on January 21, 2010, was such a travesty. It makes a complete mockery of democracy. The wealthy, special interests, corporations, unions, Super PACs, and 501(c)4 groups* (which allow donors to remain a/…

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JUNE 1, 2012 9:36AM

Celebrating Turning 8 Today

Excerpt from Rebirth:   book-img   

June 1, Tuesday, Transplant Day (Rebirth Day)  - Day 0


As the day wore on and the time approached for Barbara’s stem cells to be transfused into me, sorrow replaced anxiety. I am losing a part of me as her stem cells replacRead full post »

Brief excerpt from Rebirth: (The day before BMT - June 1, 2004)






May 31, Monday, Memorial Day 

I began taking Prograf (antirejection medication) today. This will be administered twice daily. I will also be taking folic acid twice a day and B-12 once a week, whicRead full post »