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FEBRUARY 23, 2010 12:25PM

Anyone Else Have a Bad Feeling About New Seinfeld Show?

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Short and sweet:


Does anyone else have a really bad feeling about this new show that Jerry Seinfeld is producing?  This "Marriage Ref" reality (I think?) show?  Does anyone else have the sick feeling that it is going to be as awful as anything ever produced by network TV and will taint my (our) memories of "Seinfeld" which I still love even in reruns after all these years, as well as the talent of Jerry Seinfeld (who I have also always thought was a comedic artist)?


I mean, Kelly Ripa?  Laughing uncontrollably with her head flung back?  


And too, Alec Baldwin, a brilliant actor and comedian in his ownright - what is he doing on this dreck?


I hope I'm wrong, but it doesn't look good. 

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I agree that it looks shaky. I saw Seinfeld in Vegas a couple of years ago and his opening act was Tom Papa, who is the host of the new show. Papa was great in his standup routine. We'll see, but I don't have high hopes for this one.
Roger - boy, me too. Don't know why I should care, but i do!
I am worried for Jerry!

I feel like it might flop. But I also thought "Who Wants to be a Millionaire" would definitely flop (I mean, it's just a guessing game), so what do I know?

DCV, I think you are worried because a man's reputation is at stake. Seinfeld was brilliant: I don't want the last taste in my mouth to be "The Bee Movie" and "The Marriage Ref", though I will watch Seinfeld in re-runs to cleanse the palette!
It certainly has piqued my interest and reminded me of a session my husband and I had once (yes marriage counselors need marriage counseling from time to time!). We were working with a well known marital therapist. We started doing the typical back and forth arguing that couples do and therapists hate. He quickly stood up, looked down at us and said, "Oh I'm sorry. I misunderstood. I thought you wanted a marriage counselor. You don't want that, you want a referee. There are plenty of therapists out there who are willing to do that for you, but I won't. You want to improve your marriage? Stop with the back and forth and let's get down to business." A fantastic intervention and one I've used with my clients ever since. God help me, I'm thinking of doing a recap of this Marriage Ref...but I may not have the stomach for it. Alec Baldwin giving marital advice?????? No thanks.
It looked like a terrible concept and I was entire prepared to ignore it until they figured out how to shoehorn Alec Baldwin in there.

Alec Baldwin commenting on other people's marriages? Priceless. I cannot wait.
They already lost me with the commercial of the woman flossing her teeth - in bed, to her husband's horror. Why watch something like that?
Don't underestimate Jerry. He was half of the creative genius of Seinfeld and he's been waiting for just the right kind of show. This is purely a comedic show, NOT a reality show. He will have many guest judges each week and it's all meant for fun. Larry David endorsed it and that's enough to make me want to watch it.
What? A new Seinfeld Show? Perhaps I should watch some tv occasionally to keep up with current culture. Where, when ?
I agree, but maybe it'll be "Nothing."

Alec Baldwin giving marital advice is like Britany Spears giving lessons it etiquette.
Hmmmm. For the time being, I'm inclined to think that Seinfeld is smart enough to know what he's doing. I could be wrong.
I'll wait and see . . . I really don't watch TV, so I'll rely on the critics to tell me if I'm missing anything.
Alec Baldwin giving advice to married couples? That could be funny.
I don't think I can bring myself to watch it. It's like Dr. Phil with a laugh track.
If it's on NBC...I pass. This sounds really demeaning. Do younger viewers even know who Jerry Seinfeld is?
Oh hell yeah! This looks totally lame. Do these 3 really need the work and paycheck? Or is it like on "30 Rock" where they really don't have any choice in the matter because "corporate" says for them to do it?
I have the same terrible feeling. But then, I've been giving Seinfeld less credit steadily for the past few years (for being a genius, etc.).

On the other hand, maybe it's supposed to be tongue in cheek? Or chic? Or ironic?

I dunno. Looks like the same stuff I avoid regularly.
yes yes yes - what littlewillie said!
K. Manky - true enough - I also thought "Millionaire" was going to go down in flames... how wrong I was! I even watched it myself for a while... and "Bee Movie" - Jerry, we hardly knew ye!

MaryTKelly - Your therapist (and you) are so right. The refereeing seems like a bad idea - who wants to get in the middle of fighting when your supposed to be counseling people on communication? Even cops say that a domestic dispute is one of the most dangerous calls they can go on! And yes: Alec Baldwin? Whose bright idea was that?

Meander61: yes, again: Alec Baldwin??

Kris Parker: oh Glory - I didn't see that. It already had the feeling of a tasteless exercise - that commercial confirms it!

Kind Of Blue - I know, I love Jerry too. And I don't underestimate him - I just wonder how even he will pull this off~!

Fusun - I don't know the details - because it won't be "must see TV" for me - I just ignore the commercials and hope once the show is on and they get the ratings, it will be gone before I have to subject myself to it.

Denise: The Britney Spears comparison is so, so apt.

John Blumenthal - He is a genius - I'm hoping his instincts about this stuff are better than mine (see reference to "Millionaire" above)...

Owl_Says: I am writing the reviews in my own head before I even see this thing: "Jerry Seinfeld makes the first strategic error of a great career..."

LittleWillie: Hey you bring up something I never considered which is they actually thought it WOULD be funny to have AB give marriage advice. So maybe they're smarter than I think?

IAmSurly - Ugh - you are so right. And I can't stand Dr. Phil.

OESHeepdog - maybe Jerry has been told by his agent that he's fallen off the radar of the young and this is what he needs to do to get back in the game?? Sad!

Cheap: it's weird because you'd think Jerry would have his choice of anything and everything in the world to do, in TV or movies, and this is what he signs up for?

Connie: I so like Jerry S that I am willing to grant him one big mistake, but if he does another show after this with a title like: "Kids Say the Darndest Things", I'm outta there.

1IrritatedMother: This seems to be the prevailing sentiment: Alec Baldwin: huh what?
Never got Seinfeld or S. Martin or annoying Williams or a host of other modern day actor/ standup. Baldwin is funny. Seinfeld's supporting cast were great. He is not that cleverin my opinion. The loss of Carlin and Dangerfield was the end. Alec Bldwin could give men some excellent pointers on what to avoid when selecting a mate. Tv is such a waste ..
I'll wait to watch it when it's in reruns.
Yeah, on the surface it look horrible. One thing about it that has potential is that some famously bad spouses are giving advice, which Meander61 mentioned. My one regret is that it looks so cynical about marriage. If it does turn out to be funny, I may have that guilt-mirth.
Well, it's just going to be Divorce Court brought into the modern era, I think. Don't expect much and it may be fine...
YES, and I didn't even watch Seinfeld. After watching the commercials with tiny Olympic breaks between 2/12 and last night, I'm wholly tired of The Marriage Ref without watching a single episode. (In fairness, I'm tired of a lot of shows just after watching the adds for them.)

Other people want to expose humiliating problems with their marriage, and get celebrites to pass judgement on who is in the wrong.

2. They have to know a lot of people are watching this program to sneer at the poor saps on it and their problems. IF there's a real problem with a couple's marriage, that seems like a lousy way to solve it!
I see you have a lot of comments and opinions. Until we see it I think it is sort of flinching before we are hit. I admit that I am not a great Seinfeld fan, but have many friends who are so I hope they are not disappointed.
sounds lame. and i'm so not into the reality show thing. i rarely tune in to anything on TV, so I doubt I'll check this out. But i will surely read about it, which is always much better!
DavyBoy - Baldwin IS funny. I think he might be the only saving grace ("grace" doesn't quite seem to apply) about the show. But how many episodes will he do I wonder?

Leepin'Larry - I don't think it will make it to reruns!

Bill Beck - Yeah the "guilt mirth thing" might work. Love that expression!

Shiral - You are so right! After watching the Olympics whih are so beautiful and uplifting and show the best that humans can achieve, the interruption by those commercials for "The Marriage Ref" are slightly sickening.

Monte - Hi Monte! Yeah, I want to give Jerry a chance, but I'm already in full shudder mode.

Cindy - Hi Cindy! and you'll read about it here first!
Say it ain't so, Joe!
It sounds stupid. Cringe-making, in fact.
Baldwin is brilliant, as is Seinfeld. Are these IOU's to the network for past favors? I hope so.
Scanner - it's so, Joe!

Myriad - I know I'm already cringing.

Jimmy - That's an excellent hypothesis. And virtually the only explanation for this dopey show idea.
I irrationally hate white sneakers, so that's my only red flag. Footwear!
(I love seeing you always - and I have missed you WAY too much to even describe. Hoo Ray!)
Aim - Hi sweetie! Miss you too. Actually I kind of used to like those white sneakers Jerry would wear. Now he's all suburban: a little thicker around the middle, glasses... um, kind of like me! But even I would have hesitated at this show's premise.
Yeah, it looks shaky to me too!!
I am not a fan of many reality shows but you never know. They might just surprise you on this one.

Hi Tink! Yep - "shaky" is another good word for it!

KDStorm - it's true - it could be a surprise.... let's hope.
I can't stand reality TV. a parody of it could be brilliant
SteveArney - oh my God - that is a brilliant idea! Like "The Office" or the "Larry Sanders Show" - where they have documentary-style cameras shooting the making of a terribly tacky reality show - like "The Jersey Shore" or one of those housewives shows. Steve, really, that's a GREAT idea.
If you know Seinfled at all, he's the king of farcical humor and you *have* to know Alec Baldwin was very carefully chosen to open this show. Have some faith kids!
Actually, Jerry might be the worst choice here. He has never been funny off-the-cuff. He's just not that type of comedian. And anyone who has ever seen him do a talk-show knows that the longer he's onscreen, the more annoying those giant teeth and that smarmy attitude become. This is a big ol' floppo waiting to happen.
Gabby - I totally hope you're right - I want my memories of "Seinfeld" to be untainted by this!

Emogirl - true, "Seinfeld" would be hard to top (altho "The Office" comes pretty close...)

TheManhattanKid - i fear you are right - let's reconvene after the first episode...
XenonLit - you said it, my friend!!
I didnt think it was bad as the critics say. Its reality TV. Its suposed to be inane.
Snoreville - it wasn't absolute crap. It was reality TV. So it was relative crap! But of course you're right - it is what it is!
If they took crap, warmed it over and put Bar-B-Que sauce on it, it steal couldn't be as bad as it is.
Scanner - seriously. Not even with a side of filet mignon.
Yeah. What an unexpected post.

I like a good Lifetime movie wallow as much as the next probably-not-gay guy, and The Biggest Loser proves reality shows can do Social Good. But on the whole reality shows debase us and pervert civility and self-respect.

I wanted to like this show, I like so many of the "guests". But...ugh. Double ugh.
Hey Greg - My gosh it's been so long since I posted this... is this show even still on?? The guest choices were starting to reek of desperation after the 2nd show. Oh well - it won't be long before it's gone.
OK, you little dickens. Hears the deal. I have no idea what this Seinfeld show is about (he's on much too late for this old fart), but you've gotta start posting more young lady, I miss that gorgeous smile of yours.
Oh Hi Boomer!! Yes, I've been "away" - too busy to post and can't put a concrete thought together that's worth a dime... so you haven't heard from me in a while. I'm moving to Brooklyn too, and so won't probably post again until Sept. I check in on you though, so don't think I'm completely gone my friend!
Why do I feel almost 'compelled' to tick the metre upward from 30 to 31; which I intend to do as soon as I've finished making my remarks, reflective, ill-timed, ill-considered, or just plain odd. And I don't watch television, so what possible sensible thing could I say about this new Sienfeld-produced television show?

Plenty. But only in very abstract way; but that's what amateur philosophers, such as myself, are noted for: viz., dreamy generalizations that leave people yawning and wondering why they ever wasted their time reading my two cents worth in the first place.

Let's all agree that perception forms the basis of opinion. And we can also all agree that perception, although of paramount importance to all of us, is, indeed, essentially flawed. Now of course this assertion will draw instantaneous attack from the various quarters of Science & the Arts within which some gain a good living.

These same people do not want their livelihoods undermined with Skepticism; nor would they want a humorless and pedantic critic telling them that their opinions were utterly worthless since these 'opinions' were born out of hasty intuitions and little else.

As for Sienfelt, I suppose I shall watch the first episode and then make up my own mind is to its quality, or lack thereof.
Donald - thank you for your comment! I'm not sure if the show is even still on... but if you can find it, and watch it, I'd be interested in what you think. I really feel that my intuition about it being simply lousy was right!