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July 09
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JULY 14, 2011 8:09PM

Curative Illness

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A woman I’ve been reading about has been in and out of the hospital more times than I can remember since April. She is young and strong and has been struck with one unknown problem after another. On top of that her baby was taken by C-section, premature, and turned over for surgery to remove a tumor that had fingered its way around her spine. The baby is fine and growing like a weed, but mom is getting chemo. among other things.

People tend to think of illness as a fault - you could have done something to prevent it. They tend to think that it is an undesirable, unattractive, shameful quality in a person. People tend to judge the sick and infirmed.

They tend to picture this other woman I’ve heard about who can no longer get out of bed – for something like 10 years. She’s so fretful about stress and how it will kill her, she’s stressing out her own and everyone else’s systems by not getting out of bed and everyone has to rearrange their lives to take care of her because she can’t have any stress. (By the way, any idea how stressful it is on a body to not get out of bed? Imagine staying on an airplane flight for 10 years without getting off!)

But even this woman and her creation of living from bed is living out some divine mission. Just cuz we don't have words for it or it doesn't make sense to us doesn't mean there isn't a wisdom, a process involved. It’s a cultural failing that we’ve been conditioned to think of the exceptional abuser instead of the deserving norm.

The woman who just got out of the hospital again was a kind, intellegent, wonderful, caring person before all this happened. I wouldn’t be surprised if she felt a bit picked on and punished, and shy or ashamed of all that has and is happening“to”her because we’re all so conditioned to cause and effect. The faulty logic of if this is happening to her she must have done something to bring it on. It can be useful even wise to look for the cause of things, but some causes are not visible from the human scale; for some things you have to Trust the Universe.

There is such a thing as “curative illness”. The most stunning example I can think of is Franklin D Roosevelt and his polio. Here was a man with all the ripe privileges of his status and class, a descent sort, if a bit unremarkable - a sterling example of his sterling class. Until he got polio. The ordeal of having, recovering from and living with the effects of his polio made him one of the greatest men and leaders of the modern age. His illness carved into his character and reformed who he was. It cut away aspects that were not him and not essential to him even though no one knew that to look at him.

On the physical level he was dealing with the ravages of polio and the social punishment and shame of such a disease. The experience cut into who he thought he was, how he defined himself, what he believed in, what he thought, showed up the discrepancies between those and all while he had a pulse and had to be up and doing every day. This is extremely difficult to experience and live through, especially in a world that throws back at you all the time how you must deserve all this from some misdeed or flaw in character.

One of the many problems with that view is that it is “if ___ - then ___” linear thinking. FDR had not done anything wrong, or “deserve”the illness in some punitive, moralistic way, but for him to be the man of character we needed later, he had to go through that first.

So sometimes illness or tragedy today isn’t “based on” something we already did and this come later: sometimes we go through tragedy or illness today so that next week or even next decade we will have grown into the kind of person needed for then.

I know as a psychic Reader and healer people want to know what they are being punished for, when the better question maybe be what is this disease healing me from? Maybe you’re an over-giver and have been too rewarded for your self-neglect by taking care of everyone else that this is the only way the Universe could get you to slow down and take care of yourself. Or maybe you have heart problems now because to be who you really are and will need to be, you have to open your heart more.

We are too accustomed to “good” and “bad” thinking. There is wisdom behind all this. When we take the time to reach within we will find our true inner guidance and be less fooled by the look of things and by the conventional views (which are common but rarely truly accurate).

I don’t know why this young woman is being worked on by the Universe in this way, but I do know she has been chosen and as spirit (not body/personality) she chose to rise to this ordeal, and while she was already a sterling young woman, these events are whittling her into a most amazing and remarkable person with superpowers she has yet to discover. The kind of person we need more of on planet Earth today and tomorrow. Here’s to all of us re-forming into who we truly are and discovering our own superpowers. Now’s the time.

Thank you for reading.

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Ah, good Delia! It's a terrific piece. Happy to read it again.
"Maybe you’re an over-giver and have been too rewarded for your self-neglect by taking care of everyone else that this is the only way the Universe could get you to slow down and take care of yourself." - I think you just gave me a new way to look at why I was diagnosed and beat cervical cancer not too long ago. Thank you for such a thoughtful piece of work.