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Denis Faye

Denis Faye
Redondo Beach, California, USA
April 27
I'm a screenwriter, comic book writer, journalist and dad living a hellish existence in Redondo Beach, California. My blog, www.easyfiend.com, has a small, passionate and occasionally stress-inducing cult following. I have the magical ability to do the wrong thing in almost any situation. Come on in and enjoy the magic.


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OCTOBER 8, 2008 10:36AM

Great Potatoes of Rock

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A while ago, I got into the idea of painting famous rock stars as Mr. Potato Heads. Unfortunately, I then converted one of my masterpieces into a t-shirt using Cafe Press and they came down on me like I was trying to sell crack at Disneyland. They wouldn't let me make the shirt. The bad hoodoo kiboshed my stoke for the project.
Still, I thought you might enjoy some of the work.
Aspuddin Sane

Although Bowie appears to have two different colored eyes, both his eyes are actually blue. When he was in school, he got into a fight with a friend over a girl. His friend punched him in the eye and it paralyzed his pupil. 
Ace Fryly
 Ace Frehley is my favorite member of KISS for three reasons. First, his solo album rocked hardest. Second, according to Kiss: Behind the Mask, he accidently walked into a wall during his audition for the band. Third, he really knew how to get under Gene Simmons' skin, as demonstrated in this old interview with Tom Snyder.
Art and knowledge, all in one blog. I work hard for the money.

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I want that potato head picture hanging over my mantle. Major Fonzi thumbs for that one.
And I would very much like to provide you with one, but I now fear the wrath of Hasbro.
Tried them too. Ace Fryly never made it out the door.

I do, by the way, have a Zazzle line of apparently legal shirts based on my blog. I keep it mostly as a joke for my friends:

BTW, I like your idea, Behind Blue Eyes. It's totally guerrilla.