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Denis Faye

Denis Faye
Redondo Beach, California, USA
April 27
I'm a screenwriter, comic book writer, journalist and dad living a hellish existence in Redondo Beach, California. My blog, www.easyfiend.com, has a small, passionate and occasionally stress-inducing cult following. I have the magical ability to do the wrong thing in almost any situation. Come on in and enjoy the magic.


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OCTOBER 31, 2008 9:59AM

How I ruined my chances of ghostwriting a Hellboy Comic.

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I had one of my fancy Hollywood meetings yesterday. To my surprise, the producer actually wanted to come out to my neighborhood and have a couple beers. He had a soft spot for Manhattan Beach, so I suggested the Manhattan Beach Brewing Company. 

I really don't like to drive after more than a couple drinks and I really wanted to show this producer that I could be a Good Time Charlie, so I had my wife Sandie drop me off. 

For the record, I'm completely aware that there are about fifty things wrong with that last sentence. However, it was a great meeting and when it was over, I found myself down the street from The Comic Bug, my local comic shop. I knew that Mike Mignola, the creator of Hellboy,was there signing his new book, so I dropped by. 

Normally, around someone I respect as much as Mike Mignola, I'm an overly-effusive, stammering fool, just like the dozens of other fans there to see him, but not last night. I had forgotten to check my drunken Hollywood ego at the door. I stumbled into the shop, a six-pack of Heineken tucked under my arm, marched up to Mike Mignola and said, "Mike Mignola! You're damn talented! And because of that, you deserve beer!" 

He demurred, dryly explaining that he's had a glass of wine with dinner. I shrugged "suit yourself" and turned to Adam, the underage guy working behind the counter, demanding that he also worked hard and therefore also deserved beer. He, too, declined. 

At this point, Jun, the owner of The Comic Bug, acknowledged my enthusiasm and long-time standing as a loyal customer. He also suggested that perhaps, given this was a family shop, offering free beer to minors and visiting dignitaries might not be an ideal gesture. He had a point.

I'm not sure if I impressed Mike Mignola last night, but I'm sure I left an impression.

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Denis, you are really funny...really. You have such a great dry way of telling a story...you are really good. And this story, I remember those days when I had a few too many Chardonnays when I thought I was so engaging and charming, and in reality was quite annoying and boring. Not to say that you were! No way!
I loved the Hellboy movies. I am not enough of a geek to enjoy comic books (except Sandman....Jesus how can you NOT love Neil Gaiman?), so I know that I am not the perfect geek woman.

However, I do appreciate the magnitude of Mike Mignola.
Pretty funny, Denis. You definitely deserve a beer.
Too bad Hunter S. Thompson killed himself. He'd probably have taken one of your beers, though he'd have preferred a whisky.

And Liz, don't sell yourself short. As far as I can tell, you are, in fact, the perfect geek woman.
Thompson would have taken one of my beers and beaten me over the head with it for my insolent attitude.

He's a personal hero of mine.
Sometimes you need to do something big and over the top to punch through the miasma of Hollywood. That took balls to do that. I'm just glad it was you rather than me. :)
Funny, funny and I am guessing that a good deal of my theater friends that migrated to L.A could sympathize - and feel your pain. 20 -20 hindsight is a kicker!