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Denis Faye

Denis Faye
Redondo Beach, California, USA
April 27
I'm a screenwriter, comic book writer, journalist and dad living a hellish existence in Redondo Beach, California. My blog, www.easyfiend.com, has a small, passionate and occasionally stress-inducing cult following. I have the magical ability to do the wrong thing in almost any situation. Come on in and enjoy the magic.


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JANUARY 23, 2009 6:20PM

Mad Love

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This week, I've been to two separate divorce lawyers in two separate buildings. Both times, the elevators were lined with those big, thick quilts that movers use to protect walls. It made the confined space feel a lot like a padded cell.

This divorce is a horrid experience but, apparently, it's even harder on some people.

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That's kind of scary.

"I have the magical ability to do the wrong thing in almost any situation."

me too :)
They pad the elevators at my work, too. Best wishes to you for a speedy resolution to your troubles.
This is my favourite kind of post. Short, pithy, and powerful.
And you're my favorite kind of comment poster. Positive, complimentary and you look good in a black leather bodysuit.

(Before anyone gets bent out of shape, that's an Avengers reference.)
it's so no one can hear you scream...
They serve one purpose, and one purpose only - to bury your head into their softness for a moment, release your tears, and sob without letting your screams be heard. Count yourself lucky.
You betcha, just take a look at what is going on with the economy, it is really not good especially when you are looking to seperate homes, belongings, cars, and debt. It sucks, for both and the children are so caught in the middel. Never mind the couples that can't think of divorcing due to lack of funds all around, a crappy reason to stay in a relationship isn't it. But your not supposed to go outside the bounds of a relationship, that is understood, until the bounds get stretched a bit? That is meant to be totally rhetorical, but that is so me, I love making the easy complicated, I keep a rope, by the basement steps, for my husband, so this way if the pressure gets too much he knows what to do.