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March 01
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JANUARY 16, 2012 12:03PM

Honoring the Promise

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I made a promise to myself, to that woman named Bo.  Out in the desert, in the red sand of the ancients, under the clarity of the blue skies.  To honor my inner voice, to follow my spirit, to align my soul with my life.  I promised to never, ever, let myself down, to be there for myself, always.

 Which is what  my life path is all about.  It is a learning process, and I'm on a steep growth curve.  At times, it feels painstakingly slow, however.  At times, it is as unclear as muddy water itself.  Mostly, it proceeds along with the natural rhythm of life.  Embracing it all, it is a movement forward -- in pieces, often. 

Peacework -- piecework -- I have often referred to this part of my life -- I'm repiecing myself back together, with shiny new parts -- consisting of the most authentic, deepest, creative and best parts of me.  It's a bit like putting together a puzzle, the pieces of which I'm not always sure where they will fit in, or what the big picture will look like.  But you can refer, at least in the case of a puzzle, to the photo on the box, to see what the outcome will be, of all your Saturday afternoon efforts.  Here, in my own reality, I can't always do that -- but I do get glimpses, from time to time.

Today,  at the end of it all, was such a glimpse. Skiing up the mountain with my 4-legged wild-child Sheba-she, I felt happy and satisfied.  IMG_1075-1 For a day well spent, stepping forth in pursuit of my life -- natural connection, physical exertion, then on to creativity, production in the "topside," pragmatic world -- all in alignment with true spirit and congruence within.  It is, at the end of such days, that I can rest peaceably, knowing that from the depths of my being, I am finding my way in the community of life.

Here's to celebrating the voice of creative expression, for women everywhere.  Go with grace and certainty, for this is the gift of your life, and one that we can always choose to honor by turning our energy toward it, again and again and again...

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Such moments of "alignment with true spirit and congruence within" - may they be more often and find you celebrating! They sparkle like diamonds in the sky, and make life worth living.