jay leffew

jay leffew
Sant Rosa, California, USA
September 02
GayFamilyValues Hello everyone, Welcome to the official Gay Family Values blogg by the Depfox family of YouTube. Many of you know that we were a private family Living in Northern California Who began making YouTube videos to help fight the passage of California's Proposition 8 banning gay marriage in our state constitution. Those videos were meant to show our life as an average, everyday gay family. We hoped that in showing our lives that we could help dispell many of the bad stereotypes about gay families and gay people in generall. We couldn't have imagined what would happen as a result of those first videos. We began to get tons of emails asking questions, showing support, and sharing stories of tragedy and hope. This blog will be a little different in that we will offer our perspective, as a gay family, on current events in life, gay news, the struggle for marriage equality, and everything in between. And...yes...we promise...it won't all be Youtube related. Please enjoy our crazy, disfunctionally slanted view of life and please visit us at the links posted on the right at our new site: www.Gay-family-values.com and were it all began, on Youtube.

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OCTOBER 2, 2009 12:21PM

Ask A Gay Family Ep. 6 What If?

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We started making "Gay Family Values" videos as a response to prop 8 here in Ca. These videos have been a huge hit. We have come to understand that the reason these videos are so popular is that people dont get to see what it means to be a gay couple in a long term relationship raising children. Our family is no better and no worse then any other family.

We have been getting lots of questions about our family and in the past we would respond to every email we received. We have decided to open our family up to questions you may have.

Question #1 by Scott Herman: How do we exsplain when negative gay comments come up?

Question #2 from Hanna: What if the kids are Gay?

Mario Ngyens Speach: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Exk9aF...

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uutterly fresh and charming video. My strongest feeling? mazel tov on such a sweet and upbeat family.

Oh, and thanks for the "normalization" effort that this is, and my sincere hope is that the someone on the "still-thinking" (and ever-dwindling) Right sees it. And maybe re-thinks about the whole demonization thing.
I am a straight woman who had two straight parents from hell. I would have killed for a normal gay family, who loved me. My father was psychotic/bipolar/abusive/violent and my mother did not give a damn about me or my sister. I brought myself and sister up. Gender does not matter, love does.For all those crazies who are negative about gay marriage/family, I say they should have had my parents.

I have been in therapy for 45 years and will be until the day I die.
Bravo to a loving family!
I have to work on MY feelings when I see someone of the same sex together. It isn't about them, it is about ME. I was brought up in the 30's where the parents were always right (NOT) and society told you what was accepted and not. As I readjust my views and get in line with healthy thinking, I still encounter a reaction when I see 3 or more black adolescents together, when I see Mexicans in a store, and all of the other things we all do to each other to put each of us in slot..to accept or not accept. Seeing two men with their children doesn't mean it is wrong; it is simply not what a lot of us were indoctrinated with and WE must work on OUR acceptance and tolerance of those different than us. Thank goodness God isn't finished with me yet, but He and I are working pretty fast on acceptance for ME and peace in all areas. Keep on teaching us what it means to be different, because we truly don't know.