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DECEMBER 26, 2009 6:51PM

First On-Screen Same-Sex Kiss?

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Silent Film Swooning

Wings (1927) has the distiction of taking home the first Acadamy Award for "Best Picture" but did you know that it also has the distiction of showing the first on-screen same-sex kiss? Granted, it is presented as a "fraternal' kiss between one buddy sending his friend into the great blue beyond but its still the first time one mans lips touched another man on celuloid. Of course, by Hollywoods reasoning...if one man is going to kiss another man someone had dam well better be dying. Despite the movies outward story and the heterosexual love interests...this scene alone points to a very strong undertone of homosexual relationship between Jack and David, our two WWI heroes.

I couldn't help but be touched at the intimacy between these two men in this scene and it made me wonder how many closeted gay men, watching this in 1927,  wished for a love like that. It always takes me aback when I see two men kiss and share love on screen. Not because its shocking, but because we see such things so rarely that when we do, their impact is huge. I remember watching "Brokeback Mountain" how my heart beat like a drum through the whole movie. It made me want to sweep jay up in my arms like Rhett Butler and Scarlett O'hara and have a big screen kiss of my own. I wish everyone could know such moments in life. It makes me sad that a whole generations of men and women hide to hide those moments or cover them with a heterosexual veneer...ah well, I'm getting maudlin now...*sigh*

Needless to say...even though this little clip was sad in its outward story and so subtle in its implied story...it moved me...and I had my own little silver screen sigh....I hope you will too.

Happy Holidays everyone....till next time...

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What a lovely post...thank you! xox
Well said. Thanks for posting this. :o)
Who knew? Excellent post. Thanks for putting it out there.
Nice. I thought there was a very very early silent short (before there were even feature length movies) that showed 2 men kissing, but I think it might be 2 men dancing. In any case, same sex affection actually used to be more common, not less, contrary to what many people born more recently think!