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The title of Glenn Greenwald's commentary from yesterday nicely puts into a nutshell what this story is about...



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A significant guilty verdict as reported by The Intercept's Dan Froomkin:



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QuotesMonday’s guilty verdict in the trial of former CIA officer Jeffrey Sterling on espionage charges — for talking toRead full post »


A new story from Glenn Greenwald published yesterday which contrasts the president's and mainstream media's  discussion of the deaths of two nations' leaders, King Abdullah and Hugo Chávez:



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A new post on Truthdig which references a story on BBC America News about disgusting/shocking activities by the North Miami Beach Police Department and their former target practice "targets"--all coming out right before Martin Luther King Day...



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Glenn Greenwald weighs in with thoughts of free speech in France and more...


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Many of you may have come across this story today, but just in case:


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Before (taken at the same general time as the "after" Photoshopped photo seen farther below on the page).....


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An interesting opinion piece from Aljazeera for my first post of 2015. There's a good point made here that our "representatives" don't give a hoot about the public's thoughts on an expanding military presence globally. In addition, the case is presented that there's little disagreement here be… Read full post »


While there's been good news about Cuba yesterday, there was also a development in the news with regard to the convening of the Geneva Conventions. Who attended this one-day conference in Geneva and who did not is part of the story and what the attending 126 countries agreed upon is… Read full post »


Kudos to President Obama for making this sea change with Cuba!


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QuotesWASHINGTON — The United States will restore full diplomatic relations with Cuba and open an embassy in Havana for the firstRead full post »


This important commentary by Dennis Kucinich was published yesterday on Truthdig. For anyone interested in a couple of congresspeople engaging in under the radar dealings that seriously impact our country have a look-see at this.

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DECEMBER 16, 2014 9:32PM

Forbes: Julian Assange Unleashed


Lucky you, OS reader, besides the Tuesday Torture Two-fer from this morning I have the Julian Assange One-fer with MIT Main Man Noam Chomsky for this evening's perusal.

As always, click on the image below for the full story, which in this case is from Forbes:


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DECEMBER 16, 2014 9:02AM

Tuesday Torture Two-fer


It wouldn't be Tuesday without a two-fer and for today's selection I have two current stories on the torture topic. Coming from Big Salon and MSNBC, as always click on the image for the full story:





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Here's the short version of today's post that I have picked up from Big Salon written by one of my favorites, Thomas Frank:



Now for the long version...click on the image below for the full article and also check out the excerpt:


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DECEMBER 12, 2014 3:47PM

"I got into Brown University"


Today students who were accepted for early decision at Brown University for the incoming class of 2019 heard whether or not they had been accepted for admission, as noted in the tweet below:



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Michigan's Main Man, Senator Carl Levin, put out a news release yesterday that should be of interest to anyone who's ticked that the Bush administration pulled every trick to get us into Iraq (of course, many readers on OS are saavy enough to already know about the many lies that… Read full post »


A new story by Dan Froomkin at The Intercept that was published earlier today with must read commentary about the CIA and the just released executive summary of the torture report.

For the full story click on the image below:




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A story out this morning regarding the president and his not taking sides with regard to the CIA's torture methods.

As the story points out: "He made one of his first acts as president signing an order that banned the use of torture by the C.I.A. But heRead full post »


For so long it looked like we'd never see this, but now it's out:

The NY Times link for the report is here.

For the Times article click on the image below:






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I was recently looking at various recordings of the hit song "Bridge Over Troubled Water" and came across this version by Josh Groban and Brian McKnight which I liked right away when I first heard it. This was part of the David Foster concert and David is seen just at… Read full post »


It was with great interest I read yesterday and today that fellow OS blogger Jonathan Wolfman is posting about the hacker group Anonymous with regard to the group's stated intentions in the wake of Ferguson.

Jon's current posts on this can be found here and here.

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I was a "ground zero" yesterday where this compelling story originates from--that's Poughkeepsie, New York and Vassar College.

A story in Gawker is getting a lot of Tweeting on the #Vassar hash tag by students and others. In case readers on OS haven't come across it yet I am presenting… Read full post »


For anyone in the Westchester area who bought tickets for either of Bill Cosby's two upcoming shows an announcement has been made about refunds for anyone who wants to opt out.

It's distressing for me to consider his behind the scenes activity that's been discussed going back some time--a deca… Read full post »


Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!

As in the past few years I have been fortunate to have wild turkeys around during this season. In fact, I have been feeding turkeys birdseed throughout the year so the ones you see below have been with me since last year when they broke off from… Read full post »


Straight from The New York Times editorial page to Open Salon...


Click on the image for the full editorial.




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If you travel west from where I am in New York State and cross the Hudson you will come upon the East Ramapo School District which is shown on the map below with dashed lines. As a blogger who has posted many stories about college life, I also take an… Read full post »