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FEBRUARY 18, 2009 11:00AM

28 Days of Flowers, Gardens and Parks, Day 17

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One more day here posting on what is billed as the World's largest flower garden, Keukenhof, found in Lisse, The Netherlands. Tomorrow I will post on another spot in this beautiful country.

The previous post on Keukenhof can be found at:



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H 2 


H 3 


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Now, I wish that I had planted more tulips.....what a dream!
Now there's a bed I could lie in all day!
Lovely! (Spring is coming, right? Please tell me spring is coming...)
The effort involved cultivating this is so evident. And to have so many simultaneous blooms - that is some effort. Beautiful.
John, it must be something in the earth and air, because the flowers of Europe seems to have a deep color and a distinct beauty.

Thanks for this series
Almost looks like a series of paintings. Beautiful.
Onecorgilover, I'm thinking along the same lines--about 40 daffodils that come up every year and not much else in my garden.

My dear Monsieur Chariot ~ perhaps we could call that a Sealy Flower-pedic mattress.

Donna, I had a few days that felt like Spring and then it started snowing today, but sooner or later these cold days will be waning.

Stacey, they really know what they're doing I'd say and they are definitely not slackers.

George, part of the deep color could also be the result of the Kodachrome film--not sure of that, however.

Steve, this particular group of photos seemed to flow together nicely.

Thanks everyone for your thoughtful comments!!
That last picture--grape hyacinths between the tulips? Looks like. I love grapes, they are such attractive flowers and clump and spread so nicely.

Oh, and the tulips are pretty nice too. :D