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JULY 20, 2009 6:10PM

The New York Times: July 21, 1969

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From the designanator archive comes a 40 year old edition of The New York Times that I kept on hand from July 21, 1969. Yellowed from age, but still quite readable.

The back cover of section one was a full-page ad from Gimbel's, which long vanished from the New York City scene. Nevertheless, they totally got into the spirit of the Apollo 11 mission with an Adam & Eve theme.

I'll post some additional pages tomorrow--40 years to the day the edition was published.









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Great post... thanks for archiving news that was historic news!
Cool archive. Who would have thought Gimbel's could be so profound.
Wow, I would love to have one of those. I collect headlines the day after big events. I'll have to pull them out one day. Of course, I was 5 when they walked on the moon, so no go. Thanks for sharing. That's quite a wonderful thing to own. In good shape for 40 year old newsprint.
I would love to see much more of that paper my friend.
Oh, I just loved this, especially the ad. Thanks for posting it. I just read that half the people alive today were not yet born at the time of the moon landing. It made me feel suddenly old, and more than a little bit wistful. What a magical moment in history!
What a great memento!
Thanks everyone! More pages just posted a short time ago, as promised.
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