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JANUARY 22, 2010 8:52AM

Fanfare for the uncommon man (and woman)

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Each passing day finds a new flock of Burton fans coming to see his show.






Thanks to Caroline Hagood for the inspiration!




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I was here. Caroline's picture was awesome.
You are so creative in words and images...
Dr. Spudman, yes, that was a great image! I am hoping to see the show in the next few weeks.

Mary, thanks so much for the great compliment!
Yeah you could walk the streets in NYC any day and see his "fans" out and about. It's free at MoMA on Fridays, so I bet they all come out of the woodwork, so to speak.
I am glad to have spread the Burtonitis over to here. You put it beautifully. rated.
Congratulations on #400 - I knew nothing of this MOMA exhibit but the website was a trip. Thanks to you and Caroline for drawing attention to it and, once again, a delightfully jaundiced subject for your cartooning skills.
Why is it I didn't know you were a cartoonist?

Damn that's good.

And pretty accurate, from what little I know of Burtonians.

Rated. Congrats on #400, btw. :-D
Stick figures are about as good as it gets for me. Love the guy with the vertical hair.
And they all look strangely similar. rated
Love it! (Little Charles Addamsesque, too)
OEsheepdog, seeing his fans out and about in the city--part of what makes the city so great! At $20 for the normal donation/admission price, I'll be free Fridays are very popular!

Caroline, thank you again for your post the other day! I recall the fun promos not too long ago on Channel 13 which should have added to the visitor count during their run.

Stacey, thanks for the kind words on the 400 mark! This subject certainly lends itself to illustration so I was happy to have some fun with it!

Bill, thanks for the kind words about the cartoon! My cartooning work had been set aside for a long time but I have to credit Open Salon with Cartoon Saturday for getting involved once again in this fun area.

John, the fellow with the vertical hair had to have been an entire can of hair mousse!

Trilogy, the "skull" look is somewhat all the rage with this group!

AtHomePilgrim, I loved Charles Addams' work and have repeatedly looked at his cartoons over many years in the New Yorker 40th anniversary volume we have here.

Thanks everybody for stopping by and leaving your great comments--I really appreciate it!!
Isn't nice that a fellow and talented artist is paying homage to another genius...how generous of you...a rare exception!
Your work is lovely.
Remember my note to you about a certain someone!
:) Lolly
Very funny and very true!

Some friends went a couple weeks back, and got tickets in advance, which they say you must do, especially if you choose to go on a weekend. It's a pre-sold show, so go to the website and get your tickets.

Have fun! I'm jealous! Wish I were there!

Great comic, btw.
I'm a huge fan of Burton trying to figure out how I can pay for airline tickets to see this show. But I think I look more like one of the housewives in Edward Scissorhands, unfortunately.
Great 'toon.
Stellaa, thanks for the positive feedback!

LollyDama, that's great of you to point that out! I am always happy to post about super talents and there have been a number of them I have discussed including Christo and Jeanne-Claude, I remember your nice PM from a few months back. Thank you!

Hawley, I appreciate your thoughts on the cartoon!

Connie, thanks for the advice about the tickets. I will definitely go to the website ahead of time. Thanks for all of this and I hope you are somehow able to see the show, as well!

Flora, thank you for the nice comment and that would be a nice treat for you if you can see the show!

Graham, I really appreciate your kind thoughts on the drawing!!
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