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New York, New York,
April 22

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FEBRUARY 25, 2010 5:00PM

Every Which Way But Up

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"At Escher Industries you'll find we have absolutely no glass ceilings!"






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Yes!!! Well done.. Brilliant analogy here. Rated.
N. and L&P, thanks very much for the nice comments here! I have also been a huge fan of Escher's work for a long time and there are lots of ways his compositions have excellent symbolism for us all of these years later.
I still love M.S. Escher. Great cartoon!
Wonderful to see one of the illusions occupied!!!
Wow ! That says a lot!
Great post!
Dr. S, Gary, Derek, Aunt Mabel, and Kfujioka, thanks for all of your great comments!!
Brilliantly funny. rated.
And all the doors are open. Yay!
You've capture exactly that which separates those who can draw (you) from those who can't (for example, me) -- perspective. Brilliant.
Caroline, Geezerchick and Nikki, thanks very much for the positive feedback on the cartoon! I really appreciate the comments.
Nice one, John - and congrats on the Salon cover too!
Donna, thank you very much!

Caracalla's Amanuensis, those are some clever ideas you have mentioned. I think all gyms should add the Moebius strip. I'd like to go for a run on one of those!
Fabulous, best cartoon ever. I'm starting to feel oddly cheerful on another day I want to cry.
You are so multi-talented, creative and whimsical in the most unique sense...
No glass ceiling is a good thing, you can always look up and not see, well, with glass ceiling you never know what you'll see!! ;D
Fun and LOVE your title. Rated
You don't know how much this resonates with me. A couple of years ago, just before I took early retirement because I hated the changes occuring in my company, I had dreams about my building as if they were designed by M.C. Escher - hallways that never led anywhere, elevators that never stopped on my floor. This reminded me of those dreams.
"The art of life imitating art...and having an even better view of life revealed, in the reflection" Bravo!!! Heals all who are still afraid of heights, or dread going round-in-round in a symmetrical direction...however judging from that big hole in the middle of the stairway...it further affirms that even without the supposed presence of glass ceilings...one should always watch their step.