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MAY 11, 2010 9:19AM

Foodie Tuesday: The vintage cookbook featuring cartoonists

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A niche cookbook from the past, with an introduction by James Beard, is my Foodie Tuesday post for today. These books are still available online from used booksellers and elsewhere. What I discovered is not all cartoonists profiled in the book offered any recipes, as was the case with Charles Schulz and Johnny Hart, whose cartoons I have enjoyed immensely.

The bottom panel shows two salad recipes from Al Smith and Lee Falk since those of us in the Northern Hemisphere are entering the late spring and summer is just around the corner with its supply of wonderful fresh vegetables.

















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D - I love to feast at Café Memory Lane. I was afraid the recipes were going to be like "Snuffy's Pipe Cleaner Ragu." Thankfully not.
And I thought the special interest cookbook was a recent development. Very cool! I like the use of the "jigger" as measurement in the Caesar salad recipe. What would designanator's recipe contribution be?
interesting that lee falk's measuring device of choice is a jigger.
Stacey, Linda and Dianaani, thank you for your great comments!

Stacey, that's very funny about "Snuffy's Pipe Cleaner Ragu" recipe! Glancing through the pages in the back of the book where the recipes are I found many of the recipes to be normal and nothing outrageous like rock soup!

Linda, of the old cookbooks I have most of the niche books are those of a particular restaurant, etc. Probably if I looked around the web I might find more of these, like a sailor's cookbook, etc. The jigger measurement made me think of a bartender writing a recipe! What will my recipe contribution be? Thank you for asking and I'll have to give that some thought!

Dianaani, as noted above, that caught our attention, too! I don't recall seeing that in any other recipe before.
I always thought cartoonists were interesting people, and perhaps while stirring thoughtfully, slowly, some great cartoon ideas were hatched. This is great. Green beans and pimento! Good idea. And the syrup in the batter? Will try that very soon. Thanks! I think these specialty cookbooks are wonderful -- my mom's Rosary Society reliably produced some real winners. Whenever I make a frittata, I think of my late dentist from childhood-- he was charming and always had show tunes playing. Imagine "Carousel" accompanied by the hum of a drill! He loved food, too, and his recipe was fabulous.
And Rochester's own "Applehood and Mother Pie" is legendary.... and, I think, available on Amazon.com.
The "steak sauce" in the green bean salad dressing is...intriguing. I love to read old cookbooks, and old catalogues too. Time capsules.
D - I thought I had forgotten to rate, but I really had. So the "thumbie" went down a number and back up when I rated again.

While I'm sure (borderline desperately hoping) there's a "no stacking the deck" filter in the total ratings, here's the "cue the Theremin" part: it said on the "activity feed" that I rated when I really had only restored.

Do you think this is a feature which might want to be disappeared in version 3.0?
Thanks Pandora, Bellwether and Stacey! I'll be responding tomorrow in more detail. There has been a big problem with spam on this post, so I am shutting off comments until tomorrow A.M.
Pandora, I wouldn't be surprised if cartoonists think of some ideas while cooking. I know I find it to be relaxing and gives me a chance to think about subjects as I stir, slice and dice! I also have some cookbooks that were put together by groups, such as doctors and supporters who helped start our local hospital in the '60s. There are some gems in that small cookbook. Great story about your childhood dentist! I remember when I had to have some teeth pulled around the time I was getting braces the dentist said "this will be more fun than a barrel of monkeys!" Thank you for your wonderful comment and I'll look for that cookbook from Rochester.

Bellwether, the steak sauce is something different! I totally agree with you about the old cookbooks and catalogues, plus other things like old magazines and newspapers. Fascinating reading! Thanks for your great comment!

Stacey, I noticed that about the thumbs up. A number of times I have been the first to rate a post. I come back a few minutes later and the counter says "zero." Other times when I thought I hadn't rated a piece and click it again, the number goes down just as you mentioned. Too bad we can't rate our own stuff--hehe! I'm sure it is just a matter of a few weeks before OS Version 3.0 is announced here! Thank you for your fun comment!
I also want to thank Tink who sent a nice PM about the post overnight when the comments were turned off due to the major influx of spammers leaving their ads here!