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I could write a post each day about Dale Chihuly

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Back in the '70s when I was a student at the Rhode Island School of Design (RISD) we had some teachers who were top talents in their fields such as photographers Aaron Siskind and Harry Callahan and glass artist Dale Chihuly.

I first saw Dale's work in a copy of Craft Horizons from around 1971 that my brother had received one month as part of his subscription. I was really taken by these collaborative pieces made with fellow glass artist Jamie Carpenter. The glass was solid white and looked like milk spilling in suspended animation!

During my four years there I was never able to glass blowing as an elective due to huge popularity of the classes, but I had a few graphics classmates who had. On a daily basis I would walk past the glass department on my way through the large studio building called Metcalf.

Dale's orange colored Saab sedan was one of the most recognizable faculty cars on campus.

During my junior year my classmate and very close friend, Joanie, would become the personal graphics person for Dale and as a result I saw more of what was going on with Dale Chihuly and the glass program at RISD and out in the Seattle area where he had the Pilchuck School for glassblowing.

Below are a few objects from those earlier years. I have additional posters which were all designed by my friend Joanie, but could not locate them for this post today.

Those of us at RISD knew Dale was one of the top glass artists in the world but no one predicted how a few decades later he would become so fabulously famous. When I say I could write a post each day about Dale, I am saying there is such a body of work of his that it would take many, many posts to cover it all.


Below is a 1983 poster designed in by my friend and classmate, Casey. I have photographed the two posters outdoors to emphasize Dale's use of organic forms in his work.



Detail of the above poster:



Below is a 1978 poster designed by my graphics teacher, Malcolm Grear, who also designed the Chihuly Glass book from that period. Dale's work was being exhibited at The Renwick Gallery and this was the poster for that exhibit.




A shot of Dale from the '75-'76 yearbook which had photos of the faculty dressed in caps and gowns for the induction of the new school president, Lee Hall.







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have been a fan of his for decades and love this look at his early work/life teaching and showing his exquisite work. you are one lucky duck.
wowwwww.... lucky! what an amazing thing. some people leave such indelible marks. he is definitely one of those.
His work is awe inspiring. Vegas, Chicago, Florida.... During the day, after dark..... all magical!!
Some critics call his work too commercial, but I think he's a true artist.
Found Dale and his work about ten years ago and am still in total and silenced awe at what he does. The fact that it is creatively collaborative makes it even for interesting. Am glad you are writing about it.
OK, you've made up my mind. We currently have two Chihuly exhibits going on in Nashville. One is a formal exhibit at the big art museum, and the other is an outdoor display of his works at Cheekwood Botanical Center. I need to go!
We are fortunate to be able to see much of his work here in S. Florida. Amazing stuff.
And I would READ your post a day about Chihuly. You know I live in "Chihuly Land" , John. There is the Tacoma Museum of Glass that has his "Bridge Of Glass". An amazing place. I LOVE Chihuly
Last year, the Desert Botanical Gardens had a collaborative installation with Chihuly. His designs were grouped or single and woven throughout the entire park. Some were outright sculpture, others were mingled with the plants. Truly lovely.
I love that you have kept and have these archives of design! Dale Chihuly lectured and one of the arts festivals here years ago. I love his chandeliers and floating forms placed in natural environments. He even has some interesting works on paper. He definitely broke through to a new level with glass!
i recently went on the most amazing first date of my life at the Chihuly exhibit showing at Cheekwood Botanical Gardens in Nashville. The glass pieces are integrated very organically into ponds, bamboo stands, etc. The exhibit is best seen at night, as all the glass objects are lit from within. It was completely magical, like a fairyland. I was really stunned by the scale and beauty of the project, not to mention how perfectly designed it was for the Cheekwood gardens.
I could read a post each day about Dale Chihuly! Truly unique, entertaining and meaningful in the same breath. RATED!
Oh, I would die to own a Chihuly. During the 2002 Olympic Games in Salt Lake City, some of his most grand works were displayed in the courtyard, "Sun and Moon," and the lobby, "Olympic Tower," of Symphony Hall. They were magnificent. He, of course, had other installations in the art museum, too:
A phenomenal talent. I have a life long friend who has studied and worked with him. The Tacoma Glass Museum is on our list of places we'll visit this year yet.
Thanks everybody!!!!

I'll be responding to your great comments in detail later today!