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FEBRUARY 28, 2012 1:50PM

Historical perspectives on NYPD Muslim spying

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In Glenn Greenwald's Salon column today about the NYPD spying program against any and all Muslims living in NYS and near NYC, he links to questions he submitted on the program to NYC Council Speaker Christine Quinn.

(1) Would Speaker Quinn be equally supportive of an NYPD spying program aimed at Jewish communities in New York and in surrounding areas, to infiltrate synagogues and Jewish schools and groups in order to compile and store information? Does the Speaker intend to implement a spying policy aimed at Jewish communities of this type if she is Mayor?

(2) Would Speaker Quinn be equally supportive of an NYPD spying program aimed at Christian groups in New York and in surrounding areas about which there is no evidence or suspicion of wrongdoing? Should such Christian groups be infilitrated for surveillance purposes? Would the Speaker intend to implement a spying policy of that type if she is Mayor?

(3) Here is a small school in Newark for African-American Muslim students in the first to fourth grades that was photographed and surveilled by the NYPD. What is Speaker Quinn's views about why that school should have been monitored?

A few more questions he might ask (or for that matter anyone else might ask) her office are:

-Will she authorize spying of NYC's Italian-American communities, given that Italian-American anarchists most likely bombed Wall Street in 1920 and most definitely committed with other violent bombings across America? 

-Will she authorize surveillance of NYC's Irish-American communities given their alleged ties to the harboring of IRA terrorists and gunrunning to the IRA?

-If these events are too far back in history or took place too far from our shores, just how far back is too far and how far away is far away enough, given terrorism's ghastly results?

First bombing of Wall Street, September, 1920...38 left dead.

Click on the image for the full story:




Click on the image below for the article concerning the IRA's admission of its killing of a nine-year-old Derry school boy, 39 years later:



Link to the AP's report on the NYPD Muslim spying program:




Below is a video Glenn featured on his column today that goes into a lot of detail regarding the NYPD spying on Muslims issue:





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When they came for the Muslims....,
Scanner, thanks for the great comment and there will certainly be more coming out about this story as time goes on.
Most interesting historical perspective. Most.
I hate the all the negativity in the news but still wanted to rate you.
[r] Thank you for this! Thank God for Greenwald, the guardian of the spirit of the constitution! Yes, I agree with Greenwald. This whole thing smacks of McCarthyism. All the rules-loosening in the name of terrorism, when it is the US perpetrating terrorism with its violence abroad and its secret illegitimate surveillance at home. With so much money pouring into homeland security contracts, of course there will be an overzealousness to justify their incomes and prestige. Also, there is the danger of "reaction formation" especially among the young. When parents or authorities keep harping on the worst case scenario in a younger person's behavior, they will slip into that groove to fight back. Like a perverse seduction. I am thinking our country wants to stir it up and destabilize other countries, why not destabilize our own country. That is how they do their economic and resource raping. chaos is their friend. fear is their friend. shock and awe is their friend here or abroad. excellent question if Jewish or Irish or Christian groups were targeted.

keep up the good work designanator! best, libby
Mary, many thanks for the nice compliment on the post!

Miguela, your comment is much appreciated and in this particular tri-state action by the NYPD never needed to happen.

Libby, apparently some federal/White House money for the war on drugs was also diverted to fund this activity by the NYPD from what I read yesterday in a few newspapers. Another case of money being fungible for whatever purpose a government agency has in mind--especially a covert and against the rule book kind! Thanks for your great comment!