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New York, New York,
April 22

AUGUST 24, 2012 10:10AM

Shooting with fatality near the Empire State Building

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Bad news just coming out of midtown....


Update: 12:00 Noon

From The New York Times:


QUOTESA man who had been fired from an apparel importer in the shadow of the Empire State Building shot and killed a former co-worker on Friday morning, Mayor Michael R. Bloomberg said. The man then walked along the curb in front of the Empire State Building, where he “turned his gun” on two officers on duty at the main entrance “and tried to shoot them,” the mayor said. 

Police C0mmissioner Raymond W. Kelly said that nine bystanders had been “wounded or grazed” and taken to hospitals. The mayor said that some of the injured may have been hit by police bullets during the confrontation with the suspect, whom Mr. Kelly identified as Jeffrey Johnson, 53, a former clothing designer at Hazan Industries. Mr. Kelly said he believed that some of the shooting victims had been shot by the officers “based on the number of people shot and the capacity of”’ the shooter’s weapon. 


--James Barron, Wendy Ruderman, and William K. Rashbaum, The New York Times



Update: 10:55 AM--apparently two fatalities now being reported.

AP story and video can be seen here.


QUOTESTwo law enforcement officials in New York City say a recently fired store worker shot a former colleague to death and then randomly opened fired on others near the Empire State Building.

The officials say eight other people were struck by bullets but those injuries are not believed to be life threatening."

Colleen Long and Tom Hays, The Associated Press



QUOTESA suspect was shot and killed by police and four other people were wounded when gunfire erupted Friday morning outside the Empire State Building, cops said.

Details were sketchy, but the shooting started shortly after 9 a.m. on the crowded rush hour sidewalks outside the iconic midtown skyscraper."

J. Kemp, The New York Daily News


Rest of the story can be found by clicking on the screen image:





QUOTESA law-enforcement official said the shooting did not appear to be terror-related, and may have been the actions of a disgruntled employee who may work inside the building.

It wasn't immediately clear if the gunman's wound was self-inflicted or if the suspect was shot by police.

Some of those taken to hospital may have been injured in a stampede after the gunfire erupted, sources said."

-WNBC News





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I took an early train into the city and rode the subway instead of walking. that's what my gut told me to do.
OEsheepdog, great to hear that story! I know both you and the Salon offices are close enough by the area.
When the shooting happened at the Sikh Temple happened 2 weeks ago I made the comment that there would be a repeat somewhere in the United States in about 2 weeks. I am both saddened and horrified there has been yet another shooting this morning.

I am saddened because I wonder how many men, women and children are going to be murdered before we address the underlying cause of these shootings. I am horrified because once again we have people dead, once again we have someone who chose to resort to a gun because they were angry and because I wonder how many more men, women and children have to die before we have a REAL discussion about guns.
MrsRaptor, had the gun not been available in what appears to be a work related shooting would have never made it to the news (most likely). The NRA has such a hold on the politicians that they continue to do nothing. Thanks for your thoughts on this!
"Johnson's semi-automatic weapon was equipped to fire at least eight rounds; at least one round was left in the clip, police said."

Is there any good reason why citizens should own semi-automatic or automatic weapons? I don't know anything about guns, but am just wondering. Police don't have them, do they? So they are automatically at a disadvantage when confronting someone with a better weapon, right? Or do police now carry them in the trunk of their vehicles?
My daughter Molly works a couple of blocks away, at the Martinique. She missed it by an hour and those few blocks. Proximity is sometimes everything, or the only thing.
Des you participate in the occupy Wall Street movement and you know your government has been hijacked by pirates yet you would like to hand your only means of defense against those pirates over to the pirates. The second amendment is there to safeguard this country against just what is happening now. One world government by and for the rich can not happen until they disarm the millions of Americans that will never go along with it. They will stop at nothing to take those guns. Those guns are the real inconvenient truth to them. Aurora and the Sikh temple shootings were obvious false flag operations. Do you think they are going to stop there? In the last century hundreds of millions of people have been killed by their own governments because they had no means of fighting back:


Those a the real statistics!

@Janice because you are rather cute and I do not know yet whether you are just another OS globalist shill I will bother answering you. Its very simple.

Americans do not have assault rifles to hunt deer and the majority don’t even own them for home defense. Assault rifles are the counter balance inserted into the constitution against government tyranny. And don’t tell me they didn’t have assault rifles then. The state of the art weapon then was the Kentucky long rifle and every American who wasn’t a eunuch owned one. The performance of that gun is the very reason America is no longer a British colony.

This country is hurtling towards Civil War at breakneck speed. They know it and they want those guns. Look for more and more of these types of shootings. I know they are tragic for those who are caught in the crossfire but you have heard the expression war is hell haven't you? There is nothing good about it and it should always be held in reserve as a last resort. Unfortunately the pirates do not think that way. They like war and use it as a tool as long as they don’t have to do the actual fighting. They have killed millions of Muslims throughout the world on the the pretext of a phony war on terrorism. Right now your president is gearing up for what may be the final provocation of WWIII on the basis of a letter full of lies signed by what looks like a who’s who of the most vile of the neocons.


In the event of such a war you and anything you ever loved will most likely be incinerated in a shower of Satan missiles courtesy of the “former” Soviet Union whose president Vladimir Putin has already warned America and its allies repeatedly to keep their grubby hands off of Syria a traditional Russian client state. That should be worrying you far more than the globalists inane attempts to disarm their opposition by manufacturing populist consent among a bunch of clueless liberals who don’t even own guns. If you want to know what the opposition to the Pirates think I suggest you start here and stop reading globalist shills like Noam Chomskey and his impotent admirers that seem to be running rough shod over OS lately.


The Globalists cannot win. They do not even have the popular support of the military. I like a lot of people here on OS. But I can only watch in mute horror as well meaning people align themselves with pirates on a sinking ship.
And rated as always.
Thanks for these timely news clips.
Designanator, for me reading these stories is such a tragedy. Minimum safety is lost , and you all have to think about these issues when walking out of the door every morning. In Athens, there are a lot of issues, but not even close to these I have read here in OS. One can not know from what to fear nowadays, and I am wishing you all the best. I think that there is a major government indifference, when the citizen does not feel safe. Be well and take care. Rated.