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NOVEMBER 21, 2012 1:40PM

If you see a mirror on the kitchen ceiling tomorrow

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Less than 24 hours 'til Thanksgiving Day is here and families and friends gather for a festive meal.

In case you're at a house with a kitchen that features a mirror on the ceiling I can tell you in advance what that is all about. The owners of the house are clearly copycatting Rodney Dangerfield. The father of my friend, Alyssa, heard this Dangerfield joke back around 1980 on the radio and told it to me shortly thereafter. It remains the best kitchen joke I have heard so far.

In a nutshell:

"...Dangerfield, tired of sex and turned on by food, joked about putting a mirror on the ceiling above his kitchen table."


Last year at this time I posted videos and photos of the huge number of wild turkeys we had near our house. This year I have a group of ten and have spotted another group down the road. If the two groups could get together today or tomorrow I'd have a group of at least 20-25, almost the size of last year's group.


A very Happy Thanksgiving to everyone still here on OS!!!




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Thanks! have a wonderful holiday yourself!
To you too.
And I'm looking forward to some shots.
To you too.
And I'm looking forward to some shots.
To you too.
And I'm looking forward to some shots.
[r] hah! back at you designanator! Your Dangerfield joke reminds me of one from Joan Rivers. She told her interior decorator she wanted to maker her bedroom sexier, and especially wanted the walls to match her hair color. She said he made the walls the perfect shade, but then the bastard painted the ceiling black! hah! best, libby
This post was full of Thanksgiving spirit! I remember your turkey post - I've never seen turkeys in the wild (in real life) and was fascinated. I'm so glad they're still around.

A very Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours!!!