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Newtown, a magazine, Erica Jong, and moi

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As mentioned in an earlier post about Newtown, I have had lots of connections to the town over the years. In this story, I go back in time to 1979 when I heard about a creative arts magazine being started in the town that would cover all of Connecticut's Fairfield County.

In the open call for interested writers, photographers, and designers was a Saturday date for a meeting in Newtown when we would all gather for the first time to discuss the new magazine which was called Fair Fields. Arriving in Newtown I found the meeting was in the basement of a real estate company on Main Street. There were around 50 of us gathered, mostly writers, but at least five artists/designers. 

One designer I spoke to had been in California for the past few years and I was thinking Cal had to be a whole lot more interesting than the basement we were meeting in!

At the first meeting the editor asked me to come up with ideas for the cover banner. Returning a week later I had some tight renderings of my ideas. He liked them but had an idea of his own which ended up being the chosen design and can be seen on the cover below. I became disillusioned that none of my ideas were picked and at that point in time all of my work was on spec. I was impressed that for the first issue the editor had interviewed Erica Jong at her home in Weston, CT. Her daughter, Molly, is shown in the cover photo. She is a writer, too!

At the same time I was involved with the magazine I had a design product that I was trying to get shelf space in museum gift shops and the editor gave me a 1/4 page ad as payment for my time. He told me if I received orders he'd be interested to know about it and if no one responded to the ad I might want to keep that a secret...

The ad pulled in no orders and I kept it a secret until today (except for telling my close associates at home).

While dropping out of any involvement with the magazine I did pick up copies as they appeared (they were free) and eventually the magazine disappeared in about two year's time. A few years later I ran into one of the staff photographers from the earliest meetings we had and he briefly filled me in on what happened after I left. In a nutshell, he left the magazine a bit after I did. Certainly, a creative arts magazine in Fairfield County was a great idea...keeping it operating year after year turned out to be the largest challenge.



The first issue, not with my design, but sporting Erica Jong and her daughter, Molly Jong-Fast:



Page one of the interview with a photo of Erica at her desk:






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Rated - but I've no idea why.......

All sorts of interesting intersections here. (r)
John, you might have to open up a museum one day with all your artifacts.. but glad you did come clean about the ad.. But a shame you did not get an responses.
When i can get on here.. always know you have somethig interesting to say.
Erica sounds like she was quite interesting. Funny I was just talking about the stupidity of parapsychologists. If any one of us thought they were worth a dime, like the great CG Jung, we would tell them that these things that they so yearn to study can be manifested through sex.
Very interesting anecdote - who can forget Erica Jong & her most titilating viral book! R
Looking around, hey it works! OS I mean.

I think I might try this again at least for a little while.

I'm not actually familiar with Erica Jong but that is a great photo of her and I have vaguely heard of her books and that they might be worth checking out.

As You may know by now if you remember many of my blogs I have no doubt that early child abuse leading to bullying is a major contributing factor for an enormous amount of violence. I don't know more about the specifics in the Newtown incident than you but my guess is that it would apply here.

It is my opinion that more efforts could and should be made when ever possible to inform more people about this. This should be done with little if any blame if possible but an occasion like this could be used to add to the discussion. I have written another blog on the subject recently, as you may see, on Fort Myers and a previous one about Newtown; I wouldn't expect you to co0nsider me the best credentialed person on the subject but I included links to Alice Miller's and Barbara Coloroso's web pages if you think it would help.

Whether you agree or think this is worth bringing up at some time if you return or not is of course up to you but I think it could potentially do a lot of good if more people took the opportunity to discuss this. As indicated previously I also agree with more discussion on Guns and media violence but early abuse clearly seems to be the biggest contributing cause.