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JANUARY 13, 2013 7:31PM

One month ago "the man" told you the truth about OS

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Yup, on December 13th, Mark "the man" stated the following:


 I, for one, am happy to see the site thriving once again!




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I feel like there is so much to be grateful for here again. Long may OS thrive!
Long Live... what is this?
Where am I..
OH! ... Long live OS!
It's good to say hello to you again, John.
mr mustard took the editor to task
frustration propelled his verse
he cared[s] for the sight OS
he held out hope
but fights acrimony
for the way the situation evolved
and the fears those who wrote here
a return [?] of dysfunction
writers forever departed
readers no longer plugged in
yet chuck a stetson
ignores animosity
and yearns for a
return to what was
and what can be
the resolution of a
crazy man's conflict
with those who guided
OS to near oblivion
Here, here! Hello John!
At last I get my chance.......

Hey, you who went off in a huff, I TOLD YA IT WOULD GET FIXED!!! So pffffffffffffffft! and double pffffffffffffffft! to ya........;-)
Nice to be here, read here. :-)
Yay! This is the one incarnation of "the man" that I can get behind - and how I love that he seems to have been right! Woo-hoo!
"Thriving" may be overly shining the apple but it's nice to see that it's again functional.
John I am crossing my fingers..
When they boot the spam let me know and I'll come participate for real.

So.. who is "the man?" Surely not Jake..
On behalf of the mayor's office, I'm hereby sending up the "art" signal. I'm meta-ignorant. Who is Mark?

I think it's not about the form in which it's preserved, but the unexplainable joy for having been there. Are we really going to start with the "5 years" soon?

I dipped a toe into the OS waters today...long may it continue!
I've been checking in on OS every few weeks or so, and usually leave pretty quickly with a heavy heart. Imagine my JOY when I saw the traffic (of real people!) today. YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The man? I don't know who the man is. It might be Jacob, it might be - well, I just don't know. But I am grateful that SOMEONE seems to have fixed the flat tire!
Yes, some of you did say it would get fixed. However, I'm not sure there was a reason to hang out here while it was broken; in fact, I can't think of one. Now I double post but it was certainly worth the couple of months of way reduced aggravation to move. I didn't feel like I belonged here while it was under construction, particularly when we weren't sure it actually was under construction because we weren't being told what was actually being done.

I don't regret the move. The other thing I'll say about the move is that it clearly didn't kill OS, which is great, because it wasn't intended to.