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FEBRUARY 6, 2013 7:46AM

Happy 35th Anniversary of the Blizzard of '78!

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OSers from New England who were around in February, 1978 don't need a reminder about this big story from the past!

In my case, I was in Manhattan when the Blizzard of '78 came blasting through and while we had snow it was nothing like what happened in Providence and Boston.

Knowing Providence the best of the cities in that part of New England, I have added some screen images and links that portray the storm. Had I graduated just one year later I would have had my own photos to add in here. As it was, several of my friends who were native Rhode Islanders were either in Providence or nearby towns. I checked in with by phone with one of my best friends from school who was living near the western edge of Providence and heard how the place was shut down in a way he had never seen in his lifetime.


 Click on the image for the story from the Providence Journal:

B 1


B 2


 Click on the image below for a slide show of images of the storm:

B 3


All of the Facebook comments left on the Providence Journal story as of 7:30 this morning:

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  B 5





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This is the same as remembering where you were when Kennedy was shot. Who could forget. I got called into work and went like a dummy, the state shut down and we had to bunk over at a Holiday Inn. But I was only 21 then so things never appeared as hazardous as they would to me now. ~r
I was a few hours NW from you and we got hit with it too. I seem to recall that whole winter as an intense one (the following winter too).
Comparatively speaking the next few days will probably be mild even if the forecast is close.
I remember the one in '96 for the fact that my parents were returning from France and it took a day to get back to Litchfield County. For not checking in on their well-being, their executor became an executrix. (Not black sheep me.) I remember scoffing at the '78 one, as we were experiencing our third mountain winter with chains on the '66 Travelall and plenty of digging. I think my folks already had the amenities of the Heritage Village condo at the time. May the roads clear quickly and the power stay on for all you east coast cousins.