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FEBRUARY 8, 2013 7:51AM

Computer animation of the new Tappan Zee Bridge

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For anyone in the New York metro area the news about the design of the new $3.1 billion Tappan Zee bridge has been with us for a few months, however a video was just released last week that shows the chosen design in a computer animation that was just posted on Monday.

By 2016 the first span will be completed and all traffic will be diverted to this half of the new bridge allowing for demolition of the old bridge. Once the original bridge is gone construction begins on the second span. All work is expected to be finished by 2018.

The consortium that won the bid possesses a barge with a huge crane mounted on it that I believe is the largest in the world. It was this crane that allowed for enhanced construction speed and lower cost resulting in this group becoming the lowest bidder and winner of the contract.






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Larry, the only thing that may be free is walking or riding your bike across the bridge once the second span is completed. $10 for the car toll--entirely possible! Thanks for your great comment!
I used to work in West Nyack when I lived in Mt. Vernon. Crossed the TZ twice a day every weekday for something like two or three years. The old bridge was ... interesting... particularly when it was very windy.

Thanks, dude. :-)
Bill, it's great to see you here today! You definitely got to know the TZ very well during those few years! It will be quite a change to the look of that part of the river once the new bridge is up and should help to eliminate the various problems drivers currently encounter with the current bridge. Thank you for your wonderful comment!
I should not have watched this. I am terrified of bridges, from living near the Skyway in Florida after it got hit and they left the open span up for years. This will give me nightmares! At least it is low across the water so when I am forced off by the giant truck in my nightmares, in theory I can swim away. A nut who lives one mile from the mighty Ohio River and its awful bridges.
Wasn't there a classic book I read in High School called the "Bridge of San Luis Rey" or something like that and it told the story of the five people who were killed when that bridge snapped.
This reminds me of the bridge over Lake Washington in Seattle. A floating bridge. It doesn't do well in bad choppy weather but it is a beauty. Congested and scary tho. I am afraid of bridges too. this one looks like it would feel safe to cross. WOW Thanks.
How cool. It looks beautiful. I crossed the Tappan Zee when we had our NY meet-up a few years ago. I'll have to come back to cross the new one.
@Zanelle - our "floating bridge" does fine until we get a wind storm and the water comes up over. They have to close it down every now and then. The other (I-90) Lake Washington Bridge actually collapsed during the Thanksgiving day floods in 1990. But half the new bridge was already in operation.
(Sorry John)