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Alma mater Oscar special edition

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I usually don't get too worked up about the Oscars, but this year is different. Fellow RISD alumn and Family Guy creator, Seth MacFarlane is the emcee (naturally, you knew the Seth Family Guy and emcee part already) of the ceremony tonight.

Unfortunately, I wasn't a student at school when Seth was there in the '90s (he graduated in '95), but my friend, Alyssa, knew his mother very well in Kent, CT and after seeing his senior year artwork from the Kent School (a private school) where he went to high school she said he should definitely apply to RISD for his art school education. (I should note that Alyssa is a grad of RISD, too.) Seth did apply to the school and was accepted into the freshman class, graduated four years later, and the rest is Hollywood history!


Here's a "rare" film from Seth's senior year at RISD in which he stars and does some voiceovers, but didn't screenwrite. It was all filmed right on campus... 


Here's the info on the short film, the film was uploaded to YouTube in 2007:

This is a mostly complete copy of the RISD Film Society welcome trailer made in 1995. RISD stands for the Rhode Island School of Design. Seth did not write or direct this, but did star as the protagonist and provided several humerous voice-overs. The film was created by Writer-Director Aaron McBride and Writer-Producer Aaron Goldner. Seth, this is Aaron Goldner, haven't talked to you in a long time buddy. Look me up and say hello : )

Finally, this clip begins a few seconds into the film. Seth plays a nameless RISD student who is bored with life (there is a missing scene where he watches another, catatonic student drool uncontrollably, touches him, and the guy collapses on the ground. He later appears jumping up near the end). The scenes: drawing a naked model (a common experience for any RISD freshman) who turns out to be a hideous monster that disrobes; eating at the Refectory, the then-student-cafeteria that we affectionately called the "Rat Factory;" and the endless art-history lectures of doom are but a few of the inside jokes. Watch for cameos by former Smithsonian Museum Ast. Head, Roger Mandel, executive producer Blair De St.Croix, myself (red hat, sitting in auditorium to Seth's left), and assistant film society head (and later head) Jeremy Lasky, who contributed to the film, and went on to animate for Disney Studios (large, bearded fellow sitting on other side of Seth in later auditorium shot). If anyone out there has the full film with the currently missing begining, please post it or email me. Thanks, and Enjoy The Show. Aarongoldner@mac.com ...oh, and Hi Rhon (Porter).




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For some reason I have jazzed up my filters so I am unable to watch film from either OS or Facebook but Family Guy is on my very short list of approved TV programs.