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OCTOBER 26, 2010 2:53PM

There is Digital Lipstick on your Collar

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Digital Lipstick  Since married dating sites have arisen and become popular; lipstick on a man's collar has gone digital. The wife has no idea unless she pays attention to her husband's habits.

The proverbial lipstick has become invisible. describes it as: ‘Digital lipstick on your collar is the email, text or Google trail a foolish stud or mistress leaves each other from a sexual dalliance as they talk dirty or set up appointments which can be found later to embarrass all involved when they go public’. This means digital breadcrumbs are left behind for someone else to sift through.

Some habits to look out for are that he could be online longer. When you walk in the room, he switches to another web site or program. He's spending more time texting on his cell phone. Also he's not at home that often and could appear a little distant.

The easy apparent if he smells differently when he comes home. The deodorant soap he used in the morning has changed to floral in the afternoon.

Commonly they have justified their reasons for straying so therefore the demeanor does not change. People who cheat become amazing actors.

I knew of a wonderer who left a digital mark. The drifter’s daughter was using Papa’s laptop and ran across the 'other woman’s' contact info. So who is calling the ‘girlfriend on the side’? The materfamilias. Oh what an awkward moment.

The wife was very calm for inquiries of this unexpected side of her husband. The new mistress coolly explained what was going on. The husband discontinued his married date site membership. The wife got him into therapy. The girlfriend removed her contact info from email signature and moved on to the next fellow.

If you need to clean the digital lipstick off of your collar clear history.

© Teresa Turner 2010 

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