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Damon E Walters

Damon E Walters
Minneapolis, Minnesota,
November 08
Born in Anacostia, Washington DC. AKA Daniel E Walsh, changed for all the standard reasons.


NOVEMBER 15, 2011 11:44PM

Motel Room

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prisoner degree

cold heart turned tragic writer

moon's edge melody 



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november exit, haiku

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song for the asking
seems sad because of
two words:
november exit
ss & cc - thank you, I was thinking of an event that happened long ago
moon's edge melody...eso me da en el alma
I'd have been glad to change...if only someone had asked...too many silent types around sometimes...
Be warm now ~
Damon, you picked one of my favorite albums. I have it on vinyl and disk, and listen quite often. Thanks
"cold heart turned tragic writer" this line is worth gold. Some of the best writings come from cold hearts. R
Yeah, "moon's edge melody" is so provocative it can spawn a dozen related stories, songs, etc. Such an image of change and propagation ("what happens at the moon's edge?"). Thus the cold heart turning... The "prison degree" is another launch pad for related tales.

And yet, how does all this fit into a Motel Room. So many questions...
Establishment is not responsible for lost articles. Chain saws prohibited. Knife throwing targets on interior walls only. Portable appliances maybe subject to explosion if removed from premise. Establishment held harmless of all acts of mayhem. Bonded by wolves. Checkout time: ASAP. If it's yellow let it mellow. Please leave Bible for next guest.
c22 - warm as texas toast in the sun room
ooal - this would sound great on vinyl
t164 - in the distance
ASH - the stage
jPH - using articles in a haiku feels like cheating - the cereal may have settled during shipment
Thank you
What? These brief words nailed me to the wall.
Catch my breath. Yes, there is much suspense, a hunger.
More. R.
Brilliant! I love this!
Thank you.