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June 04
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JUNE 10, 2009 2:55PM

Our beloved boxer is missing!

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Caveat Canem Croceum

Have you seen this dog?

It's been over a month since he has graced our virtual spaces with his unique wit and wisdom. Where for art thou, dear canine? I really miss the whooshing sound that comes from reading one of your posts, as it flies right over my head.


That's it. I'm organizing a search party.

Trotsky's ready to go.



 I will invite Mrs. M's parrots and Caruso's kitty.

Mrs. Michaels Caruso Wegie
It'll be like one of those Incredible Journey's.
I've packed some Slim Jim's and Mountain Dew. Y'all ready to go?
Stopping for breath.
Puppy Monster is on the case, too!
We'll call this guy, "friend of Elvis". He comes courtesy of the lovely Leeandra. (Sorry, girl. Elvis was too fuzzy for travel.)
This little guy has completed several search and rescue missions.
I guess this guy will stay home and um...manage the phone lines? Thanks, bstrangely. Every little bit helps!

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I'll bring Triglet!
Yay. Give us a pic, Trigger. I'll put him in there.
here's one pic dharma... also nana's dogs


I'll get more..
Thanks, Trigger. I'll see if I can fit in that pic of your clan, there.

Aphra: I don't know if you're familiar with our boxer, as he disappeared around the time you showed up.WAIT A MINUTE!!!
Naw. Anyway.
How is your Abby with finite math?
Yes, where oh where is Boxer?
I'll keep my night vision on as I hit the sky tonight!
Delia: I know! The nerve of him having a life outside of OS!

Owl: Thank you, darlin. Give us a hoot if you see anything. We be camping by the watering hole tonight.
I feel like we should give Rex Harrison a call, but you might want to rethink the slim jim's, at least this week. Now the Mt. Dew, hey, sure beats an energy drink.
The Puppy Monster has packed her rope toy and is ready to go. Kitty up there disappeared not longer after the boxer. I'm a little worried that there's serial killer on the loose in Boston.
Sensus: slim jim's + mountain dew= complete meal. ya got yer carbs, ya got yer protein.

Mrs. M! I will search your blog for pics of the puppy monster and add him to the search party tonight!

dharma I've been looking for for our favorite dog too. No replies to PMs for the last 3 weeks since I first noticed him missing. I am worried - how would we know .......... but I do believe it's just a very long vacation.
I've pm-ed too, Kelly. Thanks for coming by.
I'm hoping it's a vacation and not -- heaven forbid-- an unannounced flounce! Not his style at all!
What about Caruso though? He hasn't been gone quite as long, but I'm missing the Batz and Muses.
Elvis the Cockatiel would probably make a good search and rescue partner for Puppy Monster. She'd ride around on Puppy Monster's head, calling out for CCC, and preen Puppy Monster's undercoat, no furminating needed.

Awesome, I may have been slacking with the FURminating recently.
i'll bring the wonderpups. please don't scare me with that title again. i really thought you lost your dog.
some pup photos and access to more.

i have two more um... volunteers! they're on my blog here:

zoe and easter are ready and willing to check under the bed whenever someone opens the front door. they're very thorough too! they'll check there for hours and hours each time. let me know if you need the extra paws!
Some times they find another dop in heat and lose their way for awhile. It's happened to me before, just not lately. He'll sniff his way home eventually is my bet. ;-)
bumping this because I am really hoping someone on OS knows CCC in RL and can provide some assurance of his well-being!
I'll start a search party here, dear Dharma!
Thanks, guys. I started this post in fun but now I am getting a little concerned....
Will update the post to add members to our search party.

Teddy I am so sorry I scared you, girl. Thanks for joining the search.

Kelly, Robin, Leeandra, bstrangely: thanks for helping.

Michael: I've been looking out for him for a few weeks now and when it hit the one month mark, that was when I started to worry.
I say we crash the Harvard '69 class reunion. "Excuse me, I'm looking for a boxer named Orion. He doesn't inhale. Have you seen him, by chance?"
Bode (my avatar) is ready to go!
Mrs. M: Do you know I forgot to look under the porch?! Maybe if I just play "Monty Python and the Holy Grail" *really* loudly he'll come crawling out.

::digits crossed::

Sactogator: Thanks, friend! I'll add that bodacious bode to the search party just as soon as I get back from work.