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September 14
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SEPTEMBER 6, 2011 12:58AM


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     So far, no wildfires in Bosque County, but today was a bad day for firefighters in Texas, and a worse day for many homeowners.

    There is not a whole lot I can do to help. I make no outdoor fires or sparks. I smell the air. I pray for resources and people to do their heroic jobs. I promise to give to the local volunteer fire department.

     It's mighty dry here. If you put it all together, we've had about an inch of rain since early June, and no rain is predicted. It's been mighty hot, too. The number of days with temperatures over 100 degrees is one short of beating the all-time record. Yesterday the weather broke and a cool front blew in. With winds of more than 20 miles per hour,  the air feels so much better, but flames are also fanned.


      I got to wishing for some kind of mechanical, whiz bang gizmo, some kind of flame-be-gone salvo. I think the cool front has come too late, and my brain has already fried.



Here's to refuge and safety.


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Ha Good one!! But we had some rain just a minute ago here in the hills above San Diego. About five minutes worth. Probably not Robot Rain tho. But maybe it will stop us from burning up. sigh. Be Safe!!
Hope rans come upon you very soon. Wish I could send some of our rain.
that would be "rains" not rans. arrrgghhh
We homeless try to help by peeing outdoors.
The fires in Texas made the news here on this side of the world, Diana. 500 homes ... 3.5 million acres ... all burnt? The devastation is incredible.

It is, however, good to know you are safe at the moment and that temperatures have eased a little. But wind and no rain are not a good sign.

Stay safe, friend. I hope things change for the better real soon.
Wish I could have diverted some of Irene's bounty your way. She gave us an excess of riches. Have you tried a rain dance?
That Public Relation firm that Barack Obama hired?
I suggest they change his nickname to `Watermelon.

Barack Broccoli?
He get a tattoo?
He puff 'Kool'
He wear fireman red hat,
Yellow boots, and snooze.
He act like a toddler too.

He screech `Fire in Hole!
That's war `Bomb Lingo!
That means `Folks Dies!
Oops. The other day the farmers gathered for a birthday party. My joy was bantering with a two and three-quarter year old. He was squirting everyone with a garden hose. He began shooting water into the farmhouse window. He refused to stop squirting a big stream of water into the house through the open window. He ignored my pleas:

"Stop that Louis!"

His Mother ran over.

He said: "I a Fireman."
I did buy him a fire truck.
Shepardstown, W.V. has a great toy store. There is a huge kangaroo that stands out on the curb and lures grandparents and children inside. I was scolded for spoiling . . . .
I bought Annabella a purse with a stuffed cat. I said grandchildren get soiled-rotten. Annabella said:

Pa Pa is very rotten.
We are not spoiled.
But Barack a hose.
He squirt fires.
Tattoo a pack?
6-pack of the:

Merry Monk Beer.
I'll take some too.
Pout beer on fire.
Tattoo rain drops.
Tattoo on cheeks.

Vote for Michelle.
I Love Michelle's.
Michele with 1 'l'`
She ran off with `
A local Fireman.
Part/Time bum.
It's a true story.
Ho Michele and
2- 'L' Michelle.
Oh, mercy me?
I PR`aye for
gentle rains.
Fields rejoice.
It rains here.
just stop perry from praying for rain!!
Have been thinking of you and hoping you were safe. Glad to hear your words. A friend's sister survived the fires at Possum Kingdom in April only to be evacuated again for the new fires. Once more they and their home are safe, but safe means so much more just now. To everyone.

Keep thinking of seasons as I, too, am grateful for the recent coolness. This year it has been as though summer and fall have come together. Constant constant heat, so few drops of rain, so little green, so much brown, dry, crisp, so many trees bare for leaves have already fallen away.

I watch as bees fly to a tiny fountain to find a kind of nectar. So few blossoms for them to share. Terribly few.

I know how nature speaks to you. Thinking of you and hoping everyone, everywhere will soon find relief from whatever storm has come their way.
If it helps to cool you or your state off, it was chilly here today. A wear a warm sweater, bordering on cold even, type of day. I got to chatter my lips and say "I'm f-f-f-reeeezing" for the first, and certainly not the last, time this year. Maybe try eating an ice cream cone really quick to un-fry your brain.
I am heading out of town Thursday morning, and now I worry if the winds will bring fire to our home, and if my mother will be faced with an evacuation order. Thanks for coming by to lend your good wishes.

Zanelle, even five minutes of rain would be a blessing.

Mimetalker, I wish I could share your overflow of rain too.

MisterPresident, you made me laugh, thanks.

Little Kate, news of the world, huh? Thank you for your prayers.

Matt, I have not personally danced to bring rain, but I have heard of those who do. I am trying to be conservative with water and power, as if that could help in any way.

Art, I wish I could have seen you and that kangaroo. I hope they brought it inside when the rains came.

Roberto, I think Mr. Perry is no friend of Texans. I wish he would get called to be a minister instead of a politician, so that he could get off the streets.

Annaliese, I hadn't thought of it that way, that nature is speaking ot me, but it makes good sense. It may explain my near depression about all these fires. I feel like I am already stretched with surviving the heat.

Scarlett, as I am spending about a week and a half in Colorado starting on Thursday, I will enjoy some cooler weather. If I can enjoy a vacation without worrying about my mother at home, I will be doing real good.
I've got a sister in Austin but all is safe where she is - hope it stays that way. Too bad we can't all share. Some have too much rain and others not enough.
It has been super wet here and we are usually in drought conditions by this time of year with fire bans. Go figures. I hope the weather changes for you!! They are doing cloud seeding and are screwing with the environment. All the wrong places are getting the rain!
Glad you escaped. Wish we could send y'all some rain. Really, really wish it!!!
We are having buckets of rain...I wish I could mail you a bag.
I have felt that kind of hot, dry air, and the acrid scent of ash, and feel for you!
I hope by now things have changed, weather-wise. We had a rare year here with no fire danger too close, but I too kept thinking of you when I'd hear Texas on the news. I don't know about you, but the smoke smell in the air, that dry feel that sucks any moisture out of the air for miles, sure gives me a headache. Ick.
I read recently that ranchers are selling off their livestock down your way, no water, no hay, too expensive to raise without water and wells are running dry...
we'll be a country of vegetarians!