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JUNE 18, 2009 12:23PM

My Rescued Cats

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In the spirit of Kind of Blue's post on adopting or rescuing cats and dogs, here are some pix of mine.

Billie & Sundae

The black cat is Billie, adopted from a shelter in Chicago.  Some lady brought her in with a litter of kittens.  By the time I saw her, she had been there for a week, and all of her kittens had been adopted.  She was only 1 1/2 years old.  Billie was a wonderful companion for 13 years.

Sundae, the calico, was found under my brother's house as a 4-5 week old kitten.  They could not keep her, so I adopted her.

After Billie died, Sundae was very lonely and didn't get over it.   When I felt ready, I looked for another rescue.  That's how I found . . .


Gateau, a tuxedo cat.  He was found with his mother and littermates, and the finders were able to locate families for all of the cats.  When he joined Sundae and me, he was about 6 weeks old and weighed only 1 lb.  He seemed to assume that the older female cat was there to take care of him, and she did.

These two are good friends, to me and to each other.

I should add that I knew what risks I was running taking in two cats that someone had just found.  Both of them saw a vet the day I got them, were in good health, and had the regular kitten care from then on.  When you take in a found animal, though, you are committing to the medical care without prior knowledge of the animal's condition.  Usually a shelter cat or dog has had been evaluated by a vet already.

There's a role for cat and dog breeds, e.g. when one needs a specific kind of animal.  But for compansionship, I believe the presumption should always be to rescue animals who would otherwise end up on the streets or euthanized just because they're homeless.

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Awww . . . wonderful!
They look so happy together! Good for you, rescuing is the way to go with cats. There are so many to choose from, always.
I have two rescues who were taken from the home of a hoarder. A brother and sister, and I got them as young as one can safely do. They are delightful companions, even though they sometimes disrupt my sleep.
Beautiful cats. I love Calico Cats. Such beautiful colors. I've suddenly become a fan of cats over the last year or so because my son loves them so much.

Littlebox, yeah there's nothing like that night when the 4-month-old kitten is first allowed in the bed.

KOB, thanks. My calico is a little dramatic -- something vets tell me comes with the coat color.
Aaron, sweet. I think they know when they've found a home.
What sweet babies. Thank you for kitty pictures, diotima!
Your cats are adorable. Both of my animals are from shelters. I was never a cat person particularly, but I adore my cat. It's really pretty pathetic how long I lie in bed petting her in the morning and scratching her chin, admiring her head and face. My dog is under the covers by my feet. I pay attention to her too. If I knew how to upload photos better, I'd post some.
Late, you use the little tree icon on the menu bar for posts. . .
Nice kitties! All of ours are rescues of one type or another. Yours are very lucky to have you!
@fred, could you tell me what directory of blogs that was?
Very cute. My dog Lola rescued me too.