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FEBRUARY 15, 2012 7:56PM

Please Google Santorum, no seriously.

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Now that it appears Newt has really flamed out the GOP has decided that Rick Santorum is good enough as an actual representative of their party as opposed to Romney. Are they kidding me (probably)? Maybe everything I know about conservatism is wrong, but aren't you guys supposed to be the limited government people? While I don't agree with this in it's modern sense because I think we are entering one of the most disruptive moments in world history and the countries that are most likely to succeed are the ones that work best together through government but that is another much longer post. That said Santorum will create the largest most wasteful bureaucratic government we've ever seen and most importantly make government worse.

Santorum is the family values candidate, and lets be clear when Santorum talks family values he means only his family values. Any other family with values of their own need not apply... for anything, no family assistance, no medicare, no social security, no governmental aid at all. However if you do happen to stray from his family values don’t worry he’ll use the power of the federal government to come into your family and if he can’t outright ban your family out of existence (same sex marriages) he’ll make sure that you have very little say about how you decide to expand your family (contraception).

The thing about Santorum, and the rest of the social conservatives, is to get the government they want, the “Christian Family Values” government, it has to be a lot more invasive in your daily life, and deeply involved in most of the major decisions of your life. More importantly the way they have decided to accomplish this is by advocating “States Rights.” They want to diminish the power of the federal government because they know their nutty idea’s won’t play in the big urban centers so they want to set precedents in smaller more conservative areas. The problem, beyond the fact that their ideas are truly nutty for a nation that believes in individual freedoms, is that this creates the worse form of government, one that is fractured. A fractured government in which the rules are inconsistent across the country and therefore it is difficult to know when you are in the right and when you are in the wrong. This is difficult for individuals who are trying to make it, but it is also difficult for businesses. Yes to a degree this already exists but Santorum and his ilk are constantly seeking to make this worse. There is a balance to be struck between state rights and federal rights, but swinging too far to the states will break this country.

Look I get it, Romney is a terrible candidate unless you are a member of the investor class (sorry your 401K doesn't count), but Santorum is a horrible candidate. If you look past the first hit on google what you will find on Santorum is equally disgusting in terms of your own liberties, and the fate of this country, I won’t even go into is insane sabre rattling hawkish ways. For me I’m hoping Paul’s ninja caucus technique pays off.

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