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pretty how town, USA
February 13
While the ashes of marriage #2 were cooling, I began a journal here in verse, to keep myself out of trouble. So far so good, and one day at a time. I took a hiatus this past January, and I missed it terribly. Writing daily had changed the way I think - not my opinions, but the process of thinking itself. So here I am back again, and hungry. I began with three rules: (1) Iambic pentameter, (2) Perfect rhyme, and (3) It had to be true (no hyperbole). I hereby amend rule number 3: If I'm writing about myself, yes, it has to be true. But it doesn't, if I want to tell a story.


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OCTOBER 12, 2010 1:11AM

To a Sprite. Monday Oct 11, 2010

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Please stay.  And sing to me a little bit.
A song about the moon?  Or fireflies?
Tonight's a touch unsteady.  Come, and sit,
And keep me company.  I'll close my eyes
A minute.  I'm just thinking way too much.
These last two years, the papers, such and such
A date it said, when things would run their course.
Tomorrow I consent to my divorce.

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Some anniversaries are cause for celebration. Some are just to be quietly lived through, for you to say to the universe, "I am still here." Good luck, DB. I love your bittersweet poetry.
Lovely, as always. And sad. Poignant. I hope all goes well for you tomorrow.
Sending supportive thoughts. I'd send a song about "Freddie" frog who danced by the light of the moon if I knew how. It always makes me smile.
Thinking of you.~r
froggy said it best

lovely songs of night and fireflies will always cure overthinking
Beauty surrounds when time brings sorrow. I am so glad you saw the beauty of your surroundings and that they comforted you.
May the day go well for you; may you be open to a new tomorrow.
Even though you know something is coming, seeing it in writing is always a somber shock. Lovely sad poem.
Oh, db - so shaky and sad. Consent is a strange word for pain. xo
With so much weighing on your mind and still you share such poignancy. Wish we could all sing such a gentle song for you. Thinking of you today. Some words give so much while some only seem to take away. Much love to you, Bard, today.
Just rated. For your sprite, pues. And for deep breaths.
Such a small gesture, that signature, weighted with so much significance. Only time puts it in a less painful perspective.
awwwwwwww... poignant. You'll be fine!
Sorry to have missed you last night or I would have sung you a song.
Here's to the next, great chapter of your life, DB.
Patterns make our lives,
Of love or hate or merely sleeping late
Or dealing with our kids or wives.
When we rearrange or simply change
The way things go sometimes fate
Can twist our lives to something strange,
Gravity now bends our space,
Makes us stumble, slip or hesitate
And simply turns solidity to lace.
But all those inexorable tomorrows
Dull sharp pains, mitigate our sorrows.
I hope your soul was soothed by a gentle and pure lullaby last night, my friend, and that it cradles you now with strength, love and peace.

Thinking of you with love today and a smile for the promises that a new tomorrow brings.
Joan H., vanessa seijo, Little Kate,
Jan Sand, Brassawe, I've stayed up way too late.

catch-22 and AtHomePilgrim, Linnnn,
That might explain the sleepy state I'm innnn.

Hey heidibeth and froggy, ladyslipper,
I gotta tell you I just don't feel chipper.

And consonantsandvowels, From The Midwest,
Tonight you just won't see me at my best.

Oh trilogy and anna1liese,
I'm up so late my speling's geting mesy.

And rita shibr, never least in sight,
You're last. So could you please turn off the light?
Show off. Rhythm and rhyme, all the time. You're starting to scare me.
I am sorry I missed this and the opportunity to offer up thoughts of you!
Always tough to see the last spiderwebs of connection be broken forever. It all takes on such a surreal quality, like a dream that you thought really happened and then it did but it didn't. I hope that things will just get easier and easier.