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February 13
While the ashes of marriage #2 were cooling, I began a journal here in verse, to keep myself out of trouble. So far so good, and one day at a time. I took a hiatus this past January, and I missed it terribly. Writing daily had changed the way I think - not my opinions, but the process of thinking itself. So here I am back again, and hungry. I began with three rules: (1) Iambic pentameter, (2) Perfect rhyme, and (3) It had to be true (no hyperbole). I hereby amend rule number 3: If I'm writing about myself, yes, it has to be true. But it doesn't, if I want to tell a story.


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DECEMBER 24, 2010 1:32AM

Personal Ad. Thursday Dec 23, 2010

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Divorced white male, two children.  Loving.  Broke.
Likes running, swimming, biking.  Doesn't smoke.
Gets distant under pressure.  Likes routine,
And keeps the kitchen relatively clean.
Seeks I can't figure out, and I don't know;
And early courtship may be touch-and-go.
But if I love you, I will write you verse.
And rub your neck, or feet.  You could do worse. 


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She'd be lucky to have you-a man who writes poetry.
The rate button is broken
Dear Bard, All of this and so much more. Heart that sees. Heart that knows. Heart that breathes and gives. Heart that loves, fully and with all his heart. Happy Christmas Eve, Bard.
A gentle, kind and caring man I see. One full of love for children and family. A classical musician, well-educated and a romantic too. A beautiful poet, hard worker and sensitive man. Inspirational and motivated. Observant and interesting. Knowledgeable and a teacher. Many, many more things I have seen ... but to see the love that is in your heart and that you are ready to give it again .... well, that makes me smile so very much.

Yes, DB, she could do worse ... but she could hardly do better.
oh, my!
She could do worse, indeed.
How many women have someone to write poetry for them? Most have to make do with buying themselves pretty volumes at independent bookstores. (ha, ha!)

Now, be careful what you wish for. What if all the OS women here decide to hit the facebook button and send this ad viral? You'd be having dates until the end of time.
oh, and gets distant under pressure is the male condition (all women are used to that)
And if it goes viral, someone, surely someone will contact you about this year in verse. I have fright about not having this year in a book. You'll find your mate. And then you'll share a verse or two of your love, if we're lucky.
She couldn't do better.~r
My only concern is what will you do if you don't love her?
Well done.

I once wrote a personal ad after breaking up with a girl. She answered and said "It's you--I know it."

There's an O. Henry story in there somewhere.
It's a new year and a new day, Bard. I often worried that after your "year" was up you would disappear from here. But hopefully you've made enough good friends and this place is obsessive enough to keep you around. I'm sure any women would do very well to find you, sir. Good luck with all that.
Happy Christmas Eve.
Just love it!! Wait, so coffee, didn't... oh hell, her loss..r
Hi everyone. I've fallen back on a tried and true pattern, of returning to light verse when I've written something that gets a little... arty? Thanks for reading. These next couple of posts will probably be all about immediate gratification - mine and, with luck, yours.

Janice: Well, let's remember what a depressive, brooding bunch poets are supposed to be, eh?

anna1: Happy Christmas Eve to you as well. And I promise to work on that seeing, knowing, breathing, and giving part.

Kate: my gosh... are you my publicist?

vanessa: eek. I had not considered the possibility. viral? PANDEMIC? As to all women being used to that distance thing... let's put that on the agenda for when I finally come to Puerto Rico and join in the asaltos. I could talk, and listen, for hours.

scupper: thanks for your further PM on this. I have generally moved in 2-year cycles: something happens in the odd-numbered year, which creates a certain kinetic energy, and the even-numbered year is the conclusions, consequences, and resolution. 2011 is odd. Cross your fingers for me.

Joan H: she might do better still, if I happened to know her name.

jali: oh my... here I'm up against the emotionless tone of emails. Your comment begs to have some tone delivered with it. I can't quite make you out. Feel free to PM, if it's important. I'm a pretty decent listener too.

Con: she was stalking the personals? Granted, your style is pretty distinctive (I'd love to see that ad) but still... On the other hand, it brings to mind "Little Shop Around the Corner."

trilogy: Happy Christmas Eve to you too. I am, honestly, more ready for a new year than for a new day. One thing at a time, yes?

hugs: Ah, you're paying attention! My posts have been a little short on details, in that specific arena. At the risk of misleading anyone, I'll have to play some cards close to my vest, you know?

Thanks everyone. And - hey! It's Christmas!
She could do much worse! Trust me, you are most likely one in a million. I know, I turn down Zoosk messages every day!