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pretty how town, USA
February 13
While the ashes of marriage #2 were cooling, I began a journal here in verse, to keep myself out of trouble. So far so good, and one day at a time. I took a hiatus this past January, and I missed it terribly. Writing daily had changed the way I think - not my opinions, but the process of thinking itself. So here I am back again, and hungry. I began with three rules: (1) Iambic pentameter, (2) Perfect rhyme, and (3) It had to be true (no hyperbole). I hereby amend rule number 3: If I'm writing about myself, yes, it has to be true. But it doesn't, if I want to tell a story.


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JANUARY 13, 2012 2:04AM

Two Please #2. Thursday Jan 12, 2012

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So tell me - do you have the cash for this?
Just this.  To come and have a drink.  Just one.
I don't.  I did.  And yes, sometimes I miss
Just going out to dinner, just for fun.

Or you know, buying something just because?
Some kitchen doodad?  We had lots of room.
Now ev'ry cup of coffee gives me pause, 
And evenings, things are quiet as a tomb.

So how to spin that positive?  What prose
Could ever get this bankrupt dad a date?
"A man who, after fifty, fin'lly knows
The things that are important... seeks a mate."

Except I don't.  For now, I just need space.
...but can I get your number, just in case?

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iambic pentameter, poetry

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Genuine, heartfelt and hopeful. Rated with admiration.
Beautiful and spare, DB. And you will find happiness, I'm sure of it.
I love the honesty, very nice poem too. My guethanss is you know more than you are admitting to yourself. R
DB, you give me pause to think about how much I take for granted. Sometimes I pass up on things because I can't really afford them on any given day or week ... and I'm not talking about big expensive things ... just little things too ... but generally I'm lucky enough that I don't have to agonise over whether or not to spend money on every cup of coffee (though, mind you there have been times when I haven't had enough!) But what if every day for me was like it is for you? Gee, DB ... it does give me pause to count my blessings.

This was just so honest, DB. But then I know not to expect anything less from you for I know that one of your rules is that everything has to be true for you.

Here's hoping you get her number, DB ... you know, for just in case!

Take care, friend.
Drink to me with thine eyes only
Wrote Shakespeare to his lady coyly
Fot that I s'pose you need no money
Ah. Sometimes a lady just has to step up and treat.
Noise is in my head, but if I can pull my thoughts out of background thunder, I'll tell you that if she is true, valuable, genuine, spending to mine is just simple investment. And just like you, she may just want the gem, regardless.
Sorry bard "guess"....typing on the phone...insert.....oops
Hi everyone. Thank you for your patience while I neglected you all for 48 hours. (I hope everyone comes back to read my responses – I usually am good about thanking everyone.)

Michelle, thanks for seeing the hopeful part in this. It’s probably not immediately obvious – not exactly out front, you know?

froggy, thanks for your wishes. And my best to your brother, as well. In the meantime, I do love the public library.

hugs, thanks – and I guessed that the word was “guess”, as well. Your comments are always straightforwardly supportive.

Kate – wow, that was practically a post all by itself! And you know, trust me… if she were real, I’d have her number.

hilarad – ha! Thanks for the tip.

rita – that would be lovely. Are you buying?

scupper – true, valuable, genuine. And in my zip code would be nice, too.

Thanks all. A word of reassurance: in 2010 I was able finally to uncouple emotional distress from economic distress. They tend to shack up together. But not in my house, not anymore.
I do come back to read.
Thank you, DB.
I haven't been commenting on your poems, Bard, but I read them almost all. For his one, I had to let you know. And I'm glad to see your note at the end.
... just because ... and ... just in case ...
all ... the justs ...