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APRIL 11, 2009 1:11PM

The Crucifixion of Jesus Christ (Satan's Perspective)

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Finally, the moment that I have waited so long to see! Once this Jesus is dead I will truly be all powerful over all mankind. God thought that he was SO crafty by sending this weak human here to proclaim his love for all mankind. Ha! Humans are as weak now as they ever were. Mere mortals with no power. Only God could come up with something as pathetic as this.

Oh look! Here he comes, winding his way up the hill to one of my favorite places. I have seen many a man lose his life on this hill they call Golgotha. Sometimes they put on a good show before they die, sometimes they don't. Something tells me that this Jesus won't disappoint!

That's it drive those spikes deep into his flesh. I want him to feel pain and lot's of it! He had a chance to have it all but he declined my invitation. Fine! Now you will suffer for your mistake Jesus!

I must say the Romans have really done a number on him. His flesh is just hanging off of him in tatters that blow in the wind. And look at all that blood. HA! It just oozes out of him from thousands of massive wounds. This didn't have to happen Jesus! You could have ruled the world, by my side. I would have given it all to you if you had only bowed  before me. That would have been a  GREAT victory! But this is just as sweet, I suppose.

Ah, yes! Stand that cross up there high. Now just let gravity takes it toll. The pain, the anguish, the pure entertainment of it all. Exquisite! I am enjoying this much more than I thought I would! Does is hurt Jesus? Are you in agony? Where is your God now? I see no God here before me. I see a mere mortal whose life is slowly ebbing out of him and will soon be gone.

Look at all of those pathetic followers of his. They weep and mourn, for what? Him? Wait until they start feeling my wrath, THEN they will weep and mourn! I DO love to mingle in human affairs. These humans are so...oh what's the word...WEAK!

Come! My fellow demons and devils. Come and watch the spectacle with me. WE are moments away from total power over the Earth and all it's inhabitants. Make sure that once Jesus dies you quickly lay hold of him and bring him to Hell. I long to torment him. I salivate at the mere thoughts of what I can do with him.

It's getting late now. Who knows how long he will hang on this cross? He might be there for days. No matter. The longer he is there the more pain he will endure.

Wait...what is he saying. "My God, My God, why have you forsaken me?" HAHAHAHAHAHAHA! It's official! God has turned his back on you Jesus and now you are mine! I cannot describe the joy that I am feeling right now. He looks SOOOOO pathetic up there. Look at his face. The pain must be unimaginable! Good! I hope he hangs up there for weeks!!!

Oh, wait. He is speaking again. "Father, into your hands I commit my spirit.". "It is finished." Well, I guess he is not as strong as we all thought he was. Is he really going to die now? No! This can't be. He hasn't been up there long enough yet! Oh well! I guess the show is over.

All right troops, let's head back home. Apparently, the show is over. Hmmmm, it's very dark all of a sudden? And what is that rumbling sound? Oh GOOD! An earthquake! Surely there will be widespread death and destruction. I DO love a good earthquake!

There is work to be done. Mankind MUST be tormented. I HATE man and will do so until the last one stands upon this Earth! I RULE the Earth not these weak mortals!

Time to return to Hell and await those killed in this Earthquake.

Meanwhile, in the spiritual realm. (Colossians 2:15 - Having disarmed principalities and powers, He made a public spectacle of them, triumphing over them in it.)

How could this happen! HOW! I was tricked! This Jesus WAS the Messiah. NOOOOOO!!! This cannot be! I am powerless now! How could I have not seen this coming? This is by far the worst thing that could have EVER happened to me. My kingdom is in ruins! Now Jesus hold the keys to MY kingdom! I am nothing! NOTHING! God has triumphed once again. NOOOOOO!!! This cannot be! NOOOOOO!!!

Fine! If I am to be condemned and powerless than mankind WILL feel my wrath more than they ever have. Come, let's go! We have but only a short time and much to do! I may have lost this battle but I WILL NOT go away. I must make sure that humans do NOT embrace this Jesus. I must confuse them. Somehow, I must make them believe that this is all just fiction and none of it matters. If they believe in Jesus I will be powerless! They must not believe! They must NOT believe! There is much work to be done. The time is short. Come! We must get busy. They must NOT believe, they must not.......

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Pretty darn good. Enjoyed this.
This is the work that we must do, and that is to believe.
Believe what Christ did for us.
Believe that Satan has been rendered powerless.
Believe that we as Christians are seated with him in heavenly places.
Believe that no matter what, we are forgiven for sins committed past present and future.
Believe that we are free in Christ from the power of sin and death.

Your story demonstrated the fact that believing is key, and it is not always easy. Satan is powerless. His only power is the lies WE believe.
Good post! rated.
Poet-Thank you.
sage-I agree and thank you.
This is very perceptive and exactly how I was taught Satan works. This isn't the type post I imagined to find here when I first joined. Thanks for bringing some diversity without proselytizing.
Eric-You are welcome. Thanks for stopping by!
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