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JULY 27, 2011 11:38AM

The Time Has Come For Ron Paul!!!!

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      If you are NOT listening to Ron Paul then you need to start. This is the ONLY man in Congress that is sounding the alarm. The establishment is going to do everything they can to muzzle Dr Paul and they will continue to paint him as a "fringe" candidate. However, poll after poll shows that he is gaining steam and his campaign is growing larger each and every day. 

     If we TRULY want to put an end to the mess we have in Washington DC then we need to support Dr Ron Paul!!! If you have not done so already, I would encourage you to read his new book "Liberty Defined" in which he tackles the current issues of the day and lays out his stance on each one.

    Ron Paul is a very special kind of politician. He is someone who keeps his word. He has NEVER voted for a tax increase and he has NEVER voted for legislation that he cannot reconcile with The Constitution. He takes his Oath of Office very seriously and he is willing to stand in the face of extreme pressure and criticism in order to stand on his principles.

   The winds of change are blowing across this country and we are going to end up going one way or the other. We will either go back to our roots as a Constitutional Repulblic  as we were founded to be or we will move toward more of a European socialist state but something has to give. In fact, we getting dangerously close to a soft dictatorship in this country where the Executive Branch has usurped power beyond what is allowable in The Constitution. The boundaries keep getting blurred and each administration pushes the envelope further than the last.

    If this country is going to survive into the next 100+ years then we are going to have to make a 180 and turn this ship around. We are quickly becoming an empire and like all that went before it we too will fall. We are militarily spread all over the world, in debt beyind what can be sustained and we are continuing to push the gas pedal down further. If you look far enough into the future you'll see a massive cliff ahead that is just over the horizon and we are quickly running out of room to stop. 

    We The People need to make sure that OUR voices are heard this time around. WE need to make sure that WE tell Washington what we WILL and WILL NOT tolerate from our government. Remember that these people work FOR us not us for them. Enough is enough. This must end and it must end now. We are only going to get one shot at this and then it's over.

    I'm not talking about getting rid of Obama either. That seems to be in the cards already anyway. We The People must make the right choice for US. There are GOP candidates that will do just as much if not more harm that Obama has done and that is a fact. Do your research and you'll discover who these people work for. It's not you and I that's for sure.

    I am both anxious and concerned about what might happen next November because it WILL be a turning point in the history of our country. If you though 9/11 changed America forever you ain't seen nothing yet. The election next year could very well tear this country apart.

    The media in America is bought and paid for and designed to MAKE you vote a certain way. Don't let a bunch of idiots pick our next President. The stakes are too high for that. Remeber the media loves a crisis because it increases ratings. Look for them to invent one even if one does not exist. You'll need to tune them out and search out alternative media in order to get the TRUTH.

    I am supporting Ron Paul for President of the United States because quite frankly he is the only one that can fix what is wrong at this point. Let's shock the world and make this happen!!!


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I think there is no question that Ron Paul is going to get a real hearing this time around, because the cliffs are obvious now, although I don't agree with him about some things, although he is right about more than he gets credit for from the MSM too.I don't think he will win, but he will push things in a certain way as to a smaller government, because that is reality anyway.
I'm not talking about getting rid of Obama either. That seems to be in the cards already anyway. We The People must make the right choice for US. There are GOP candidates that will do just as much if not more harm that Obama has done and that is a fact.

Gosh, do you really think there are GOP candidates who could do “as much or more harm” than Obama?


Tell ya what, Djohn…I cannot think of a GOP candidate who could not do immeasurably more harm than Obama…and my guess is that ANY GOP candidate eventually will.

I do agree with you that Obama is toast. He will be a one-term president…and I suspect we are in for a long line of one-term presidents after him. The job has become impossible to handle.

Frankly, I think Ron Paul is a laugh…who shouldn’t be taken seriously by anyone who truly has the country’s best interests in mind. His “solutions” are simplistic…and I suspect, damn near impossible to impliment.

But we’ll see. He is at least as good as any of the people who may replace Obama. (That was not meant as a compliment, if you are wondering.)

I would love to see Ron Paul as president, but I fear we may have already driven off that particular cliff. The last economic disaster has put people in my community into the mood to look after each other even as they realize that they need help from each other. That's the way small rural communities work. the next economic disaster (is there any doubt there will be one?) will see us eating home grown corn and soy beans, and fixing and bartering the machinery we need to raise them. Gasoline? Well, we've got oil wells, and the knowledge to make gasoline, but we also have draft horses. I see a scaling back of government to local and state levels ass the federal government overreaches and implodes. God help the cities, I'm not sure if anyone else can.
Excellent blog topic, DJohn!
I truly feel that Dr. Paul is our last chance at preserving what little there is left of our Constitution/way of life/freedoms. He is the only one calling for an audit of the Fed (see his website for details, his book on the subject, etc.).

We've had enough of lawyers and other shysters running our government into the ground- how about a caring physician for a change?

PS- Dr. Thomas Coburn, US Senator would make an excellent running mate. Look at HIS healthcare bill, voting record on curbing the national debt, limiting HIMSELF to two terms, etc.
I completely agree -- and even if he doesn't achieve the Presidency, he will introduce themes which the MSM and the corrupt millionaires club in DC would otherwise never address.

I hope he stays off of small planes and the other usual ways political opponents are dealt with here in the Land O The Free(tm).
Ron Paul is an old racist coot. He has no chance for the nomination in this or any year, he just gets a tremendous ego rush by running. The Ron Paul Four Year Cicadas will be out again in 2015. If you want to REALLY permanently destroy the economy, just go back to the gold standard as he advocates. There are very sound reasons not to base currency on gold, which is why you don't see anyone else on the gold standard.

I'm a bit more optimistic than Frank, I think Obama wins a second term thanks to the Ryan Destroy Medicare Plan and changing demographics of the electorate.
This sheep named "left is right," needs to learn up and stop spreading disinfo/lies. Ron Paul isn't racist, and wants competing currency not the gold standard. He knows you can't go back to the gold standard immediately anyway. He refers to it because we have lost over 95% of the dollars purchasing power since the federal reserve(private, not federal)bank too over the printing of our currency. They print it up, give it to their rich bankers and corporations, and we all pay higher prices, it's call inflation. Learn up. And Ron Paul hasn't soldout to the corporations and banks like almost all the others. In 08, McInsane and Obomba both were funded by the same banks, the bailout banks. It's not left vs right, but us vs them. Turn off brainwash tv, and LEARN UP!
What absolutely amazes me is the that Obama supporters out there repeat the mantra "It's Main Street Vs Wall Street" and don't realize that MOST of Obama's big contributions the last time around guessed it...Wall Street. The White House is spinning this whole "crisis" faster than an amusement park ride. If Obama and Congress REALLY wanted to change their ways this would have happened years ago. They act like this is a new problem. This is a parlor game that has been going on since Eisenhower was President. It's pure politics. This is the elite, ruling class whipping us serfs into a frenzy so that we'll be distracted. God only knows what they are doing behind the scenes.
As far as establishment politicians go Ron Paul has made some good points that are worthy of attention but he is still beholden to the same corporations that buy everyone else.

what we need is a candidate that is nominated at the grass roots level and answers to the public. the whole system needs to be reformed so that this can happen. actually some of Ron Paul's better ideas may be a step in the right direction but they should be taken on their merits and implemented on their own.
As much as I respect Ron Paul, unfortunately, I don't think he has a chance. The powers that be both in the mainstream media and the GOP look like they're paving the way for Mitt Romney to me. In my opinion, Rick Perry is just another nutjob working on his fifteen minutes of fame before he's crushed like Sarah Palin. Now, Ron Paul for Vice President. That's something to consider, and certainly superior to Slick Rick.