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DECEMBER 3, 2011 1:26PM

Reconsider Ron Paul

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If you have been paying attention at all to the unfolding political race for 2012 then you know that it has been a rollercoaster ride to say the least. The candidate that is deemed the frontrunner enjoys high poll numbers for a week ot two only to shoot themselves in the foot and then they plummet.

The latest victim of this is Herman Cain. The sexual harrassment and adultery allegations will most likely kill Mr Cain's campaign and an annoucement to that effect could come as early as today. However, once again, Ron Paul is overlooked. 

Since the beginning of this contest there has been only ONE candidate that has steadily increased in popularity: Ron Paul. What's more is the fact that his support is strong and unwavering. In other words, once someone gets on the Ron Paul train they are there to stay. Unlike any other candidate out there Ron Paul's supporters don't jump to the "next best thing" when their candidate hits the skids.

We who are supporters of this great man believe not only in him but in his message as well. So fervantly so we believe this that we will not waver in outr support regardless of how this turns out. We are committed to stay the course and we shall. However, time is running out.

Now that Gingrich is surging in the polls and has become the "flavor of the week" it is imperative that people wake up and see that there is only ONE candidate in this race that can right this ship and that is Ron Paul.

 The fact of the matter is Obama SHOULD be loved by the Republican Party since he has mirrored the policies of his predecessor almost to the letter. Sure, he has his own signature accomplishments but if you look at them closely they are not that different from what "W" did when he was in office.

The fact that Obama has increased government spending, expanded the wars and backed the failed monetary policies of The Fed should tell you al you need to know about where his loyalties lie. Still think that he is out there for the "little people" and the middle class? REALLY? 

Obama has shown himself to be just another member of the elite Washington Insiders club by employing lobbyists, taking huge contibutions and allowing access to BIG BANKS and WALL STREET. He claims to be on the side of the OWS movement and yet his very policies and fundraising activities show otherwise.

When people wake up and realize that there is only ONE PARTY in Washington and that the real game is to offer the ILLUSION of choice to the American People then and ONLY THEN will we begin to get back on track. Notice how Obama is now pandering to the gays, latinos, unions, etc? Of course he's election time again and he needs that support.

Where is the anti-war crowd? Where is the anti-Wall Street crowd? Why are they not confronting Obama on these issues? If they TRULY want a candidate that takes NO LOBBYIST money, wants to end the wars COMPLETELY,  wants to return the money that people earn back to them and wants to end the failed War on Drugs then there is only ONE choice: Ron Paul.

ONLY Ron Paul has put forward and ACTUAL plan that will cut government spending by $1 Trillion dollars in the FIRST YEAR. All of the other promises to cut spending that go out 5, 10 and 15 years are nothing but pipe dreams as we have no idea what Congress will look like at that point in time and what they'll do. This is just another slick Washington trick.

WHEN Herman Cain drops out his support will need to go somewhere. I am hopeful that it will go to Ron Paul but my feeling is that he will most likely endorse Gingrich. WE CANNOT HAVE NEWT GINGRICH AS PRESIDENT!!!!! We don't want to know what that globalist, power-hungry neocon has up his sleeve. Do you want "W" on steroids?

Ron Paul needs your support because the media will NOT help him. The media is just as much a part of the establishment as the two (one) party system is in Congress. It's going to come down to the elite against the people. We will not get a second chance at this. If we let this chance slip by us we will not recognize America in 5 years.

What will you do when there are drones flying the skies over America searching for anti-government "terrorists?" Of course they'll be there protecting our borders so it will all be to keepus safe. What about checkpoints on our highways by the TSA? VIPR teams are already being deployed around the country. What about the house inspections by the military if you are "suspected" of being threat to the United States. Is that the America you want to live in?

Ron Paul obeys and respects The Constitution. It is his guiding blueprint and he will not waiver from it. He is consistent in his beliefs and he respects YOUR liberty and freedom. No other candidate has a better record of doing so. 

It's time for Democrats, Republicans and Independents that TRULY love their country to rise above party to stand for their principles and support Ron Paul. 

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I will not disagree with you about the quantity and quality of Dr. Paul's virtues. However, America probably cannot take the step Dr. Paul desires us to take, at this time.

For example, Dr. Paul effectively believes that entitlement social welfare programs are unconstitutional. He is probably correct, especially when one considers such claims in the context of original intent.

However, can you imagine Dr. Paul as President? Any attempt to eliminate or significantly convert programs such as Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid, Food Stamps, Section 8 subsidies, and the host of other such programs that define our welfare state would be met by Congressional opposition endorsed by large organizations like AARP, VFW, and the TEA Party. President Paul would end up irrelevant as a component of government or impeached upon some pretext.

No, this country is not ready for President Paul. If he is elected, then it won't be in a way that would provide him a clear mandate.

This situation has little to do with the fact that he is largely correct in all of his claims. This situation has everything to do with how far we have strayed from our Constitution at the federal level.

What Representative Paul is fully capable of accomplishing during the next election cycle is insuring that the current idiot-in-chief is reelected. Ron Paul's popularity, persistence, and ability to become a third party candidate could pull a Ross Perot. . . or John Anderson . . .
I don't get the Obama angle, as he's not in the GOP primary race. That aside, Ron Paul will pick up few of Cain's supporters as he represents the nutbucket base voters. Those people have Bachmann, Santorum or Gingrich.

Paul will do well in Iowa, probably better than most think. He'll make a decent showing in New Hampshire, but once the race heads down south, he's toast. The cracker crowd doesn't like isolationist candidates because they like blowing off about blowing people up.

Like I've said before, if he wants to get everyone's attention, he needs to look like he's going to run as a 3rd party Libertarian. At the very least, that makes him a power broker. That's not much, but it's better than nothing, and nothing is what he gets, overall, otherwise.

That aside, I'd love to see Chris explain "Original Intent." Perhaps he can show why SocSec and Medicare are "unconstitutional," and square that with the popularity of those programs and the 10th Amendment.
Uncle-Sadly, I agree with you. I have this sinking feeling that Ron Paul will go down in history as the guy we SHOULD have elected but didn't. The American People are getting smarter but they aren't quite up to speed with where they should be when it comes to the manipulation that they are subject to. Hell, most people still think we have a genuine two party system in Washington. LOL!!!
Paul-You might be right. It will be interesting to see how many people who voted for Obama will do so again and their reasons for justifying giving him a second term. We are so infected with "R" vs "D" and "Red" vs "Blue" in this country I don't think there is much that can save us at this point. Most people I talk to are beyond the hoping for stage and are now in the preparation phase for the aftermath of what is coming. I don't think we get this country back (if ever) without alot of blood being shed and alot of violence. I hate to say that but I think that's where we are headed. I wonder if it felt like this in the waning days of the Roman Empire as well?