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David Kinne
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June 15
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David Kinne is the possibility of people living extraordinary lives of creativity, joy and full self expression. He has led over 2,000 seminars in 6 countries. He is currently working to complete a book of his photos and text about life lived fully called "Mysteries/Answers"


SEPTEMBER 24, 2010 4:47PM

National Punctuation Day - Read 'em and weep!

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In honor of National Punctuation Day (my late mother would be so proud) (and some of youse moran's would do well to bookmark this site), I offer for your consideration what may be the most elegant but underappreciated punctuation mark ever devised, the Interrobang, rendered here in Palatino typefont.  

Invented in 1972 by Martin K. Speckter, and intended to replace the clumsy concatenation of ! + ?, or if you prefer, ? + !, the Interrobang brilliantly captures both the end-of-sentence verbal upswing  of ValSpeak, as well as the spontaneous disbelief that is best expressed in the popular WTF!? And what better way to end a rhetorical question?!  But alas, it is not yet supported by many text applications, like this one, where the character is displayed like this:

 â€½ â€½ â€½ â€½

But if it was supported, I'd use it all the time. Wouldn't you?!?  â€½


 © 2010 David ¡¿ Kinne


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Very cool did you read that MOMA (bought rights?) to the @ sign?!!!
Tell the truth - you made it up right? Clever symbol though!
I agree with Kate. I have a hard enough time with the regular one.
BUT, it is kind of cool and I would go for that.
David, you never ever cease to amaze me with your blogs on inventions and literary finds like this one.
Rated with hugs
I was wishing for something like this just yesterday. Leave it to you to either find it or invent it!

A!b?s!o?l!u?t!e?l!y?!?!?! (national punctuation day....? how nerdy can you get?!)
As a huge grammar nerd, I'm just really excited to hear that there is such a thing as National Punctuation Day! Rated, with a ?!
My wife uses interrobang all the time. As is "who was that young girl in the skinny jeans you were talking with?! R
i thought that was called a quesclamation mark.
i like Interrobang much better & would use it all the time ‽
I think it's fabulous!!! But, I prefer not to use proper punctutation, or worry about spelling. I like to let people tell how me to improve myself and get ahead, then I ignore them, theres no money or respect, just because you waste a lot of effort, doing all these needless things. I insert stuff at random, as I feel the need, or not. People can pause or not as they choose.

I'm now capable of typing an entire paragraph without a single comma. It's my dream to someday see someone read one, fail to punctuate in their mind, and pass out. Bring on the interrobang, something else that will not bother or affect me. heh heh or ;-) I am a vewy vewy baaad girl. Thank you.
Lorianne - quesclamation mark is such a wimpy term, don't you agree? Interrobang is more compact, has more impact, and has a faintly dirty overtone. Muchas better.
It would make a lovely tatt. Far more pc than wtf! Why am I still surprised by the valspeak upturns on the end of sentences? geez...Thanks mr. interrobang! (Sounds kinda sexy!) r fun!!!

Where the heck is purple? She'd LOVE this!!

Somebody go get purple......

Little known fact: "bang" is typesetter slang for an exclamation point. If you know that, "interrobang" makes perfect sense.
Cindy, where have you been?!
I love this Interrobang! I had never heard of it. I think I shall start using it occasionally even if it does appear as ‽ ‽ ‽ ‽.
Oh, damn. I may have been a little too credulous here, but I am going to use it anyway, you scamp.
I think we have to ask lorianne how she got the right character to appear in her comment, eh?!
Makes sense to me. It would go perfectly after WTF, doncha think?
I'm with you Scarlett. Matter of fact, maybe it should be called the "What The Fuck?!" One less syllable than interrobang. I like that kind of economy.
I am so getting a tattoo of this. Why the F not?!
It reminds me of the musician formally known as Prince for some reason. It is beautiful. Thanks for this!
You know, Razzle Dazzle, I have never seriously considered getting a tattoo before, until now. But now I'm feeling a little inspired by your enthusiasm.

Now the only question is, where to put it ‽
Even best would be to celebrate the Interrobang in English and Spanish , ¿¡ Qué j.... !? would just be so much classier.